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  1. My prediction for the games this weekend.

    Stanford over FSU - 4-1 This hurts but I really like Stanford's pitcher.

    Miami iver UGA - 12-6

    Fresno St over Rice 9-8

    UNC over LSU 11-7

    that game went nuts top 9th.. i was at the game and was about to leave when Milleville jacked the 3 run homer....

    unfortunately i didnt stay for tonights...i was really red from the past two days...

  2. Way too early, but....

    1. Chargers

    2. Colts

    3. Seahawks

    4. Patriots

    5. Appalachian State

    Be a little more reasonable.......put Appalachian State at at least 3rd. :D

    1. Chargers

    2. Saints

    3. Ravens

    4. Colts

    5. Patriots

  3. 1st- welcome back :D

    2nd - lookin good, i like the use of the primary logo on the sleeves, everything looks ship shape....

    3rd - i know, broken record here, but i think you should include some orange pants in a set, but besides that, looks awesome..

  4. You're right. I always remember that Jim Harbaugh year for some reason. I wish they'd bring those back.

    Side note: my wife went out with Jim Harbaugh once...she could care less about sports, so he didn't know what to do when conversation turned to something other than football.

    He called her a number of times afterwards, but she didn't want to go out with him again.

    Instead, she married me - Pantone Boy.


    This version would have been funnier:

    "She called him a few times, but Jim never picked up the phone. Turns out, Harbaugh just couldn't find the receiver."

    Just sayin'.... was smooth.......... :D:D

  5. Could you please tell me the tradition behind your school having athletic tape on the helmet, if you can? Thanks.

    yea no problem....

    The look dates back to the mid-1980s, when the upper flap of a player?s chinstrap kept coming loose and officials insisted that it be secured. The coaching staff wrapped some tape around it, and the look caught on from there....the varsity teams now retapes it every gameday.....and you cant do that untill youre on varsity....JV and reserve just have mustangs on their helmets, like SMU