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  1. hasn't been on in a while..... time to update everything!

  2. Hey not to sound wierd, but I live in Omaha as well. I am also in high school. Just wondering if perhaps I could know which school you go to.

  3. they were also the hawkeyes and the Mankilling Mastodons as well
  4. that game went nuts top 9th.. i was at the game and was about to leave when Milleville jacked the 3 run homer.... unfortunately i didnt stay for tonights...i was really red from the past two days...
  5. I especially love how Reece Davis has NO idea what he's talking about during the halftime show and post game reports... he just points out the obvious...
  6. well, the first actual upset of the tournament is Davidson over Gonzaga... Curry was explosive in the second half.... ...they flashed the camera to Adam Morrison for a second...he looks like Jusus...
  7. right now belmont looks like a sleeper team... they are actually keeping up with duke...
  8. ...and we are bringing back Tom Osborne...yes!
  9. Be a little more reasonable.......put Appalachian State at at least 3rd. 1. Chargers 2. Saints 3. Ravens 4. Colts 5. Patriots
  10. Nebraska vs. Nevada game, and most likely all of the Nebraska home games.....
  11. I went to the 1st game good game.... there was a good amount of both fans there.....but i noticed that there is a LOT of Miss. ST. fans who made the trek to omaha....
  12. so they show the picture of him immediately in the browns uni at 4 yrs. old.....good greif charlie brown.
  13. two mounds, two pitchers, two sounds ridiculous ....