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  1. The only thing I wonder is since they are now promoting this as the "First Four" and going back to calling it the First Round and Second Round, will the rest of the floors be like this or is this a special floor, like the Final Four in an effort to brand the "First Four?"
  2. I wonder if Denver got their endzone painted so much sooner because they might be using the templates from the teams themselves and it took an extra couple days for the Carolia field art to get all the way out to the west coast. I understand the conference logos go back to the era when it was the AFL vs NFL, however I don't know that they are necessary any longer. Often the feel nothing more but fillers in end zones at current stadiums for a short team name, an effort to balance out the endzone with often the team logo or shield. The lack of a conference logo in the endzones doesn't bother me like some, but just like the helmets of years past, there is a nostalgic factor of "The Big Game" associated with it.
  3. Why are the Seahawk logo and the NFC logo in opposite places compared to the Broncos/AFC logo? Maybe out of fear of a blizzard did the logistics crew had to rush the job and put the conference and team logos parallel to each other, respectively. Maybe. Perhaps the NFL was trying to match the home endzones of both teams as best they could, adding the AFC and NFC logos. The Broncos have their logo facing the wordmark, while the Seahawks have their logo after the wordmark in their current home endzone designs. That formula won't always work as not every team has a logo and wordmark in their endzones in some format.
  4. Evansville announced that they have a new set of orange sleeved uniforms that they will wear for 5 home games this season, including the opener on Saturday night, bringing back the tradition started in 1946 for 31 seasons under Arad McCutchan and from 1985-2002 under Jim Crews. The video shows some of the different variations of the tradition of sleeves at Evansville started by McCutchan As an Evansville fan it's a great nod to the past, especially doing the orange sleeves as it had been almost 20 years since they brought out the orange for the men when they did it last season. The home white and road purple are the same as they've been the last two seasons, just wish they could have added a little striping around the collar like they had during the 80s and 90s.
  5. Evansville wore their orange jerseys tonight at home vs Drake. They wore them at home vs Indiana State last season and earlier this year vs Oakland City. With the history of oragne uniforms in the programs past, there is some talk amongst the fanbase to see them more often.
  6. Evansville wore orange for the first time in quite a while. The orange dates back to the days of Hall of Fame Coach Arad McCutchan who had his teams wear orange (and sleeves)because it stood out against the dark backdrop in the early days when people often wore dark suits to games. These do not have sleeves but the old set they used up til last year had a white home set with sleeves. The season after McCutchan died in 1993-94 they were still wearing sleeves and wore orange at home all season long as a tribute to him. That's the last time I can recall the team wearing orange instead of the usual white home and purple roads. Not sure what the official colors were but starting that season on the trim color went from yellow to orange as fans were encouraged to wear orange to games to honor him and orange is still quite popular today. Indiana State is a conference rival and the game was on ESPNU so that's why I imagine they broke them out. I'd love for them to have sleeves as a real throwback to that era but knowing the history behind the orange I like them.
  7. Evansville played their final regular season game at their 55 year old Roberts Stadium and they broke out their trademark sleeved jerseys one last time to honor the building that saw 5 College Division titles and 604 victories, many in those same sleeves.
  8. I thought Dallas paints their logos on the turf... If I remember reading correctly the new Dallas stadium has 3 different turf fields. One for the Cowboys with everything permanent. One can be used for soccer only, and the other is another football field that can be used for bowl games along with other college games like the TCU-Oregon State game this year as well as high school football where they can paint the field art at midfield and the endzones. The other football field has a weird look to it as it looks like it was painted for Canadian football or somebody messed up painting the field at one time because it looks like a solid line was scrubbed away halfway between every 5 yard section. Look at the OSU RB's feet at the 12.5 yard line to see what I mean.
  9. Well the turf is permanent so they'd have to replace that small piece which can be done as we've seen with some colleges as they replace the conference logo they have on their field from time to time. Lucas Oil is set to host the Super Bowl next season so something will have to give. There is no way they'll just play on the same turf that is in there now and I can't imagine they'd just put down new field turf for that one game. I know that there is not the drainage in place because of budget cuts so I wouldn't think they'd put grass down atop the turf like we've seen elsewhere although it is a possibility I guess since they did put grass down at the Pontiac Silverdome for the 94 World Cup and being a dome I assume it had no drainage. Anyway if they do a different turf maybe they'll replace the one AFC logo in the endzone then.
  10. Evansville has a parquet floor for at least one more year as a new arena is being built by the city and the Purple Aces will move into it for the 2011-2012 season. Here is a shot of the floor before it was refinished a couple years ago. Now the baselines have Evansville and Purple Aces in the same font as the logo, the Valley logos for the MVC are in the paint, the logo at center court is much bigger, the semi circle at the foul line is in orange and the floor has been named for legendary coach Arad McCutchan so his signature is now on the floor as well. Other D-I schools going with the parquet floors of the top of my head include Iowa, Washington State, and Wake Forest from the BCS leagues. I know at one time Illinois-Chicago and Western Illinois did as well but I'm not sure about those two schools anymore.
  11. Unveiling at the Spring Game today. Here is a mock up on the uniforms on paper.
  12. Since the NCAA has to control everything, the special floors are a lot better than some of the alternatives we've seen in the past at the men's tournaments or at the early round games for the women. I'd much rather see the generic floor than the silly stickers that make the floors look even worse. There is a huge NCAA logo over over one of the Bank of America Arena logo in Seattle which is hosting the early rounds of the women's tournament. With the trend of massive logos becoming the norm, a simple sticker at midcourt isn't always enough. Imagine what the floor at the Carrier Dome would look like if the NCAA tried to put something at midcourt over the huge Syracuse logo. Take a look at the West Regional floor in Phoenix ( )from when Gonzaga first arrived with the streaks from the Suns logo sticking out and a different shade of purple over the baseline wordmarks of the Phoenix Suns. It just made it look sloppy, not to mention the safety issues. I also noticed that they moved the host logos to right in front of each bench in the corners this year instead of near midcourt where most arenas have their logo. This makes it hard to see them and I'm sure the schools, especially some of the smaller schools like a Jacksonville might be a little disappointed in this lack of exposure.
  13. Anybody know what they are planning for the field since the Pro Bowl is down in Miami this year during the off week? I guess they could go with a minimal approach for the Pro Bowl, highly unlikely since it's the showcase for some of the All-Stars who are willing to participate or they could use the same approach as the Rose Bowl did and replace the entire field between games. I'd hate to see a Super Bowl with the field art painted over the Pro Bowl field with logos bleeding through like we sometimes see at college bowl games and NFL stadiums that share the facility with a college team or play host to a rivalry game.
  14. Indiana opened camp today and have new practice jerseys just like UT's. You can see a photo gallery at the Hoosier Scoop Blog. Last year they were plain crimson or white with a black QB no contact jersey instead of the orange no contact for this season.
  15. I believe the floor in Miami is from the former WNBA team the Miami Sol. None of the pictures were good enough to post here but that floor had red baselines and sidelines with a yellow lane. I assume when they refinished it and took off those logos that they just made it as generic as possible so they could host any number of basketball events.