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  1. I think some stripes on the waistband would help.
  2. I found these authentic revolution 30 throwbacks on the Sports Authority website:
  3. Tulane with white helmets. They also added a fleur de lis to the collar.
  4. Is this patch going to be on the cap for the entire season?
  5. Mr. Wang

    MLB 2009

    is this a new Yankees road bp jersey? I found this on the mlb shop under "kid's jerseys". Anyone have any info on this? Sorry if this was already posted.
  6. Memphis is wearing an all white set right now against Chattanooga. Do they have 2 home uniforms?
  7. Does anyone know where to buy the wool 5950 caps from a few years ago?
  8. this doesnt explain why they dont have a road cool base. even if the team doesn't wear them, i think they should be available to the public.
  9. Why dont the yankees wear a cool base jersey? The reasons i've been told dont really make sense: They cant make a cool base jersey with pinstripes. - I believe as of this year they do make these jerseys with pinstripes The yankees are too traditional - the current polyester set has only been used since the mid-70s, Ruth and Mantle wore flannel. So the tradition excuse doesnt make much sense. In addition, the cool base doesnt look any different to the casual observer, so its not as if this would be some kind of makeover or "tweak".
  10. Weren't the Knicks supposed to get an alt this year? Any news on that? They should just go for a completely new look, their current set will always reminded me of the Layden/Isiah disasters.
  11. Old Tulane: New Tulane: Not a huge fan of the old ones, but looks like this new one is a generic Nike template.
  12. the knicks are due for a change. the stripes on the sides are very late 90's and make the uniforms look clunky. I'd like to see an updated version of the early 90's uni: a classic clean jersey with no side stripe, no trim on the neck or arms. shorts with a thin stripe on the sides and bottom (similar to the celtics). Most importantly, NO BLACK on the away blues, straight up navy and orange. Thoughts?
  13. gives the following product description: "Team color: 7 oz. 100% nylon mesh/dazzle. White: 7 oz. 100% polyester mesh/dazzle. 6.5 oz. 100% polyester flatback mesh, 10 oz. 100% polyester flat knit rib and braid. Imported." Does anyone know why the home and road jersey is different fabric?
  14. Does anyone know what fabric the Knicks jersey is made out of? I know that prior to this year, they used that old-school thick mesh fabric, but I was hoping that Adidas updated them to some kind of dri-fit. I want to buy one of these on but they dont specify the fabric, and I cant tell by the pictures. On a similar note, it seems like jersey fabric varies from team to team. Who makes the call on what fabric teams wear?