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  1. Watching Argentina Spain friendly right now with new jerseys and Argentina is wearing the usual WHITE socks. Must have been a mix-up in that photo shoot. They look nice on the field, a lot more cleaner than previous. Don't think any of the players are wearing the 'tight fit' either.
  2. The Bobcats finally look like professionals.
  3. Looks like they just ripped off the Magic jerseys. Hopefully there is more orange.
  4. Oh my god, ^^^ the rectangle is killing me.
  5. I know this has nothing to do with the jerseys, but BRING BACK THE MOVING STAR CAP LOGO!
  6. It's a shame they don't wear them as often as they used to. Some of the best road grays in baseball.
  7. Texans aren't using the red jerseys and white pants combo, which looks a lot nicer than this...
  8. I love the shorts. I hate hate hate our shorts right now, and those are a major upgrade. ...and yes it's been pointed out, Ming is actually Yao's first name.
  9. This one wasn't posted... Pretty Please.
  10. I sent an email to the Rockets website, they confirmed a new alternate for upcoming season.
  11. Awesome job. Only thing I can see is that if I was a casual fan, I might think these were the 'Los Angeles Sharks'. hahaha Try making the sails like this.
  12. JUST KIDDING! No, But I love the black Magic unis from the 90's.
  13. have his number choices ever been ordinary? From what I've gathered here is the order to RonRon's Numerical Madness. 15--> Chose to wear while at St. John's in honor of his father. He wore the jersey with Chicago and Indiana twice. 23--> Switched to 23 while with Indiana in honor of Michael Jordan 91--> Switched to 91 while with Indiana in honor of Dennis Rodman, he switched back to 15 after coming back from the brawl until he was traded to Sacramento. 93--> From my recollection his reasoning was that he thought the number looked cool on the Sacramento jerseys. 96--> Again I believe his reasoning was same as picking 93. 37--> Honoring Michael Jackson by the number of weeks Thriller was #1. RonRon also mentioned in his Press Conference that he wanted to honor his favorite Chicago Bulls by wearing their numbers (Michael Jordan, 23; Dennis Rodman, 91; Scottie Pippen, 33; Toni Kukoc, 7 and B.J. Armstrong, 10) by the league changed the rule on how often a player can change his number. I believe it's now 4 or 5 years unless they move to another team? Anywho...I just realized I know too much about a player I never really liked. Eh. He chose 96 with the Rockets because there are 96 units in the six buildings of the Queensbridge projects (where he grew up). Here's Ariza covering up the number again, I think he chose #1 and they are just waiting for McGrady to get traded.
  14. Any animal that isn't native to the americas kind of pisses me off.
  15. I feel like they need to dissociate themselves from the Lakers. It's not helping that their logo looks just like the Lakers. IMO, a modernized version of this would be a good look for them. At least people might know what a 'clipper' is if they do.
  16. You think you could do the Argentina National team with "los albicelestes"...?
  17. Messi is #10 BTW... I like the jerseys (I can't ever tell if the navy is black and if the black is navy?), just keep the same AFA logo and everythings good. Love the Albicelstes on the back.