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  1. Limerick

    Ti-Nick's NHL

    Nordiques would be great. Where did you find the template to do this?
  2. Limerick

    Ti-Nick's NHL

    I've enjoyed this series very much. Any plans on doing defunct teams once you are done with the divisions? Also, could you tell me where I can find the template? Again, really nice work.
  3. Sorry, I should have provided links, that would have made things better. Here are the uniforms that my requested teams wore. It will show you the logo and team colours for that period of time. Thanks again. atlanta: oakland: colorado: kansas city: los angeles: -purple minnesota: new york: pittsburgh: quebec: vancouver: washington:
  4. Hey Gator Head I have put them in order just in case yo do not have the time to do them. Thanks for doing this for me. washington capitals [oirginal logo - capitals] new york rangers [original logo] vancouver canucks [stick logo] los angeles kings [crown - purple] pittsburgh penguins [current logo - powder blue] atlanta flames colorado rockies oakland seals quebec nordiques kansas city scouts minnesota north stars
  5. Will there be any of the older logos coming from the nhl?
  6. Limerick


    The first two teams out of the gate look good. Looking forward to seeing the other teams in this series.
  7. I like to see the logo on a jersey first. That would give me a better idea if the colour scheme works. I personally do like the logo thou.
  8. Good to see another football concept. Here are my votes: Continental Division Charlotte: Hornets, Colonials, Explorers Halifax: Schooners, Kingfishers, Admirals Hartford: Generals, Revolutionaries, Americans Indianapolis: Motors, Stars, Crossroads London: Regiments, Battalions, Monarchs Mississauga: Warriors, Lakers, Braves Newark/New Jersey: Royals, Bobcats, Shorebirds Ottawa: Capitals, Governors, Mounties American Division Birmingham: Railers, Locomotives, Miners Las Vegas: Gamblers, Dealers, Mobsters Louisville: Racers, Mustangs, Twisters Memphis: Blues, Rebels, Steamers Phoenix: Coyotes, Hawks, Natives Portland: Lumberjacks, Pioneers, Wolves San Antonio: Missions, Steers, Alamos Seattle: Pilots, Emeralds, Cascades
  9. Limerick


    Thanks for the examples Opaque Chicken. This will help. Limerick
  10. Limerick


    I agree. Many of these logos were awful. I do have Paint. Unfortunately, I am not talented enough to design my own logos. If there is a simple way designing logos I would love to hear it.
  11. Limerick


    Sounds good.
  12. Limerick


    So I was sitting around tonight with nothing to do when I thought that it would be neat to a series on roller hockey. I have taken existing logos and decided to create jersey fronts for them. Let me know what you think. I want to give credit to this site for the use of the jerseys. Enjoy. Anaheim Bullfrogs: Road: Home:
  13. I was hoping that you would do this team. For me, the third jersey is the selling part. I like it because the jersey could easily be their home jersey just as much as the black jersey. Any thoughts of doing a cycle as a patch? As always dgnmrwrw. Limerick
  14. Thanks for doing these for me. Limerick
  15. Oakland, St Louis, and Montreal for me please. Thanks