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  1. for the fish, what about 'mr. marlin' jeff conine? was on both world series teams...
  2. as a um grad and uni geek i have to say that you NAILED the tops. as far as i'm concerned, they're perfect. i don't like the helmet change--i don't like any change to their helmet--and i'm not sure i can picture what the pants would really look like--but the tops are absolutely the way they need to go. great work!
  3. ok i love looking at concepts but rarely weigh in because i dont do/know design. however, this is my team, and i have some opinions. -this is an awesome concept. ive never seen the "blue jays" "NY" look good, but you made it look great. -as for the gray/white argument--when the giants used that version of the "NY," they really didnt use gray, just white. so i kind of liked where you were going with that. plus, its a futuristic type concept and the gray makes the whole thing look very traditional, like their current look. -a possible compromise with what i just said would be in the pants. the blue pants to me just dont work, never have with the giants. so maybe white pants at home/gray on the road? just an idea. -finally, the numerals. like a couple people said, i really preferred the previous version. just my 2 cents, great work and thanks for sharing.
  4. from what ive seen, the OU helmet is blank. just white helmet with the red stripe. thres a tshirt thats been poted around online with a picture of it.
  5. conservative from the front. remember, though, they possibly have some crazy kind of design on the pants we cant see from here. for instance, i believe miami has the 'U' on the side of the pants. some definitely more conservative/old-school than others. OK, OHST, TX, UF (white helmet) are all somewhat throwbackish, while others TCU, FSU, VT, are decidedly futuristic. very curious to see full designs.
  6. miami: florida: mizzou: more: oklahoma (i think): lsu (looking like uw): the others i think we have all seen: ohio st, texas, tcu, vt, and fsu
  7. a guy on the hurricanes message board i go to somehow like 'decoded' all of the blacked out pictures. will attempt to link/post here, two things ive never done before. the canes one is all white (as expected) and has two-toned numbers. like the top half of the number is orange, bottom half green. not gradient like VT, just cut in half almost...
  8. this is really great work. i dig the tiger head in a serious way and think it looks awesome on the sleeve (plus this combats the awful trend of teams putting their cap logos on their sleeves)...i always loved the 80s tiger circle logo and this is a very nice, modern version of it. as for the jerseys..the home is obviously perfect, cant mess with it. i was never a fan of the script 'detroit,' but your version definitely looks better than the current real life set. would have liked to see something entirely different on the road, but that is just personal preference. your work is excellent.
  9. looks great, chestnutz, thanks so much..
  10. these look awesome, would love to get an Everton one if you get a chance. thanks so much..
  11. i dont generally comment on concepts, because i know nothing about actually designing anything, but i really like this one and wanted to add my two cents. first, i think the "sun-striping" on the jerseys is super-creative and very well executed. to me, the dolphin himself looks a lil naked without the helmet, but thats a personal preference thing. one thing i would like to see would be a set of aqua pants. while both those sets are awesome, we know that they wear white at home a lot and ive always liked when they used white/white for either home/away and white/aqua for the other. as i said, though, great work and fun to see a really good fins concept as we approach what will most likely be a new look for the team under new ownership in the next year or so.
  12. the picture in this thread is the exact reason ive said all along that id love to see the bolts go white-on-white with their current (modern) set. im amazed that they havent even tried it in a game yet considering the way teams seem to mix and match so much. anyone ever do a mockup of this?
  13. the best part of that beezer mask was after the whistle he always sort of bent over in his crease with his head down and so when they showed him straight-on on tv, all you saw was the top of the mask/the panther head looking forwards. it was great.
  14. just to continue with random ideas here--ill throw out a couple things. note: my suggestions are all based upon the 'realistic' idea that they will be heavy black/silver with orange as an accent when they do the makeover...anyway, maybe take more advantage of the silver. like their current black alt, silver wordmark or something. i like the new-new marlin--with more color in bill, but with the orange, its a little intense/bright. maybe go more silver in the fish and use the orange as just a slight accent or even remove it from that part of the design? im still not 100% sure how i feel about the wordmark, but some ppl have given some good ideas there. also, on the jerseys, maybe something other than just the straight black piping. i dunno. anyway, feel free to ignore all of this, just my own thoughts/ideas. again, have really enjoyed watching the progress..
  15. very cool man, the fish looks much cleaner now. i've really enjoyed watching the progress of this project.
  16. i like what scotty says about needing more contrast...that's my biggest problem with the current sets. no outline, no shadow, nothing. i dont think the font works at all with a basketball uniform, but i guess we all know it isnt going anywhere, haha. like where you're going with it, though..
  17. i definitely like the work you've done here, though i'd like to see a couple things...one, maybe a hat design using the 'M' with or without the fish, whatever looks better. also, as someone said, the teal is basically out with this team, definitely will be if/when they move into the new stadium and take the 'miami' name. so like he said, maybe some more orange in place of teal. and a little more black. down here we've definitely been lead to believe the teal will be all but invisible once the makeover takes place. they love the silver and black with orange as an accent. great stuff, though!
  18. im of the belief that if the owner(s) have strong opinions on the uniform--they should be able to express them and even make their preferences part of what is getting done. they pay everyone, why not? that said--if the rams owners love the blue so much--take it a step further. go back to white helmet blue horns (or opposite if it looks better)...i loved that look back in the old LA days and with their obsession with the blue pants, id be curious to see how that could look with a modern set. my two cents..
  19. as for the 50--they had initially announced that there would be nothing on the field...UM fans called the AD and complained a TON about not having the "U" logo on the 50...and it actually worked. they are growing a patch of grass with the logo painted on it...and will bring it in specially for UM games, then remove it on Sundays. kinda cool that they listened (and that miami will have its logo on the field)...btw, the acc logos are painted on the sidelines, to the sides of the team benches...
  20. as for striped-lines in the endzones...once the marlins' home schedule is over, dolphin stadium is supposedly going to striped endzones now that the Fins and the Canes will be sharing the field. from what i understand there will not be a generic 'miami' in one endzone a la pittsburgh
  21. the everton home kit is nice, very similar to what we've come to expect....the white shirt is a little rough, though. clearly umbro's thing this year...similar to england red jerseys, but im just not feeling it here. last year's white shirt was great looking, i thought--very clean. wonder if theyll go dark blue for a 3rd kit again or what...dissapointed in the white. oh well, coyb..
  22. jagler

    Madden 09

    i have no problem being the first to reply and say that im really excited over this. theyve been brutal the last couple of years, the ncaa game, too--hopefully those producers follow suit (though i know its way harder in college w/so many teams). good find!
  23. just an alternate....the orange will be the primary home...not sure if this replaces the green or if its just a 1-game thing (my guess is that would be the case)...and that 1 game would probably be a night game...
  24. yeah as someone on the um boards said...it would be one thing if A--the team didnt blow and B--if this hadnt been done elsewhere yet. generally theyre one of the first to get new stuff from nike...but, hoops team has one, baseball team now has one, it was only a matter of time..
  25. the continued bastardization of my beloved alma mater... that is rumored to be for this coming season...