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  1. Regarding ColorWerx and the ominous prophecy of doom, isn't Icethetics stating the Coyotes are getting new home and away uniforms (and possibly new logo)?
  2. How clever Isn't one of the biggest complaints about that secondary logo that they don't "trust their market" and have to state that they play hockey? So, when they change that, it gets an eye roll?
  3. It is hidden inside a slide show, so I can't post the picture, but look closely at the secondary logo in the shoulder. Instead of "Hockey Club" it says "Established 1992".
  4. No idea how to pull the picture from there, but new tease for Lightning thirds.
  5. In this video, Stamkos is wearing the standard blue jersey, but his captain's c is different than normal. Rather than being outlined in black, like the jersey numbers, it is solid white (and huge). Is this just a case of a commercial messing something up? Is this what the patches would've looked like before the black outlines were added at the last minute?
  6. Has anyone taken a stab at mocking up the new Lightning thirds based on what we have seen?
  7. Some things to be gleaned from that picture: Definitely looks like a preview of new jersey. Don't think practice jersey would have captain's "c" on it. And even if it were a black and white photo of the blue unis, I don't think it would be that dark. The shoulder striping seems to be peaking out from under the sleeve on the right, too. No laces, which would work with rumor that they look similar to former thirds.
  8. Tell ya what. I'll get off the Lightining's case when they manage a classy, timeless look that doesn't rip off two established, timeless looks two other teams have been rocking for decades upon decades.Oh, I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you on that. I think the biggest flaw with the current Lightning look is that, while it may be well and good in a vacuum, when placed against the league as a whole, they lose their identity by blending in. I can see what Yzerman was doing - he wanted to change the image of the team from "Hey, we're a hockey team that plays in Florida and has an unconventional name!" to "We're a hockey team." Not all that different from the Rays dropping the "Hey, we're named after a weird fish thing!" to "Don't focus on the nickname, focus on the team." I think the bigger issue with their look isn't that they aren't Original Six, it is that they simply aren't original. But you don't need gimmicks to be original - and lightning bolts down the sleeves, that's a gimmick.
  9. When I was in school, our JV football team had these ridiculously awful uniforms - and their helmets had no decals on them, just blue shells with yellow facemasks. The logic that we heard was that the stickers were reserved for the varsity team, who played serious football - you had to earn the right to dress well. Sometimes I feel like that is the approach many of you have when it comes to the NHL. Everytime I hear "a look that fits a 90s expansion team" I flash back to school and the varsity looking down on the JV. Many of you would seemingly prefer warm weather hockey teams to dress in clown suits and leave the classy, timeless looks to the big boys up north. That being said, I could perhaps agree that the Lightning have lost their individual identity with their simplified look, but bright yellow lightning bolts down the sleeves? Come on.
  10. The look out in the full sun. Edit: and with helmet:
  11. When do we get to see the third sock color or the other pants?
  12. Initial reaction: It will take some getting used to, but I could like these. In other words, the same reaction I had to the Seahawks uniforms. When I first saw those, I was shocked by the random panels and asymmetry. As time went on and I saw folks wearing the jerseys, I actually liked them, loved the pops of lime green. Bucs now are using "bay orange" in the same way. Expect lots of bright orange merchandise (hats, hoodies, etc.)
  13. The write up on the Bucs website says that there are 2 jerseys, 2 sets of pants, and three sets of I'm willing to bet that Reddit is wrong on this one. Am I missing this? Where does it say that?Edit: My bad, found it. However, I thought that was referring to the "Elite 51" style Nike is going on about - as in there are two jersey cuts available, two pants cuts, etc. but that doesn't make sense as to why they would specify "one helmet." So, natural conclusion re: three sock options - pewter, red, orange(!)?
  14. Having spent the past couple of years in Austin, TX, I may have a different view than most. In order to cultivate the "Keep Austin Weird" culture, the city (perhaps not officially, but certainly culturally) encourages street art. There are scavenger hunts that people can take to visit all of the famous bits of street art. Some of them were commissioned by the owner of the building, some were done by the owners themselves, and I assume many were true graffiti, but have been embraced as art. But more interestingly, there is a large deserted area, no clue what the original use was, but it has become known as the "Art Wall" and is covered with some amazing work. Best I can tell, there is no official policing of what goes on there, but rather it seems the actual artists quickly paint over the offensive or negative work, as evidenced be frequent spots that have been completely whitewashed and painted over. I have never seen an artist there, but everything has been changed every time I have gone. Very interesting concept.
  15. Trust me, coming from a resident of the Tampa Bay area, this is not the stereotypical Florida. When I think of bright colors, I think places like South Florida and maybe Orlando to a point. Dont get me wrong, Clearwater & Pinellas County have the beaches, but a good majority of the area is more of that "natural" Florida. Hell, where I live just north of Tarpon Springs in Pasco County, our beach is not what you think of when you think Florida.The brighter colors may have worked in the past, but lets leave them in history and own the red and pewter. Grew up in St. Pete, and just moved back here. Very true assessment - Tampa Bay isn't the neon colors of South Beach, nor the artificial shininess of Orlando. At the heart of Tampa is Ybor City, which looks a little like an old Cuban-influenced New Orleans (which, incidentally, goes very well with the almost decorative depiction of the bow waves in the ship logo).