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  1. Age: 37

    Music Preferences: Steely Dan, Doves, Ben Folds Five, Jamiroquai, Ben Harper

    Music Dislikes: Most mega-play Top 40 stuff, but sometimes get hooked (current examples "Roar" "Timber" etc.) due to becoming a minivan rider with two young daughters. Disney soundtracks, on the other hand, make me contemplate a knitting needle to the ears recently.

    Clothing Preferences: Team-issue shorts and self-designed logo long sleeve tees while home; Button-down dress shirts with sleeves rolled up and pleatless khakis or subtle pattern suit pants while out.

    Sports Uniform Preferences: Traditional minimalist on the threads; I’ve become a sucker for matte helmets when done correctly; strong penchant for high socks, particularly with unique exposed striped/logo’d stirrups in baseball/softball; tastefully executed fauxbacks.

    Sports Uniform Dislikes: Football padless biker shorts look (even though I was a pad minimalist as a player); hockey masks on baseball catchers; color mismatches; roundels; city/team name not used properly on home/road uniforms; gimmicky one-offs.

  2. Bloomington Thunder

    The railroad correlation makes sense, I can appreciate the compromise due to legalities, but the logo itself is disappointing (particularly if you're going with the railroad theme, go era-appropriate when Bloomington's railroad prominence was historically significant). And don't get me started on purple/silver/black. Way to conform to a decade-old trend.

  3. David Haugh of the Chicago Sun-Times reported on WSCR 670 AM the Bears' throwback uniforms. Based on his description, we may all be upchucking Thanksgiving Dinner in reaction. He spoke in shock of the fluorescence of the orange, yes, ORANGE jerseys. One other detail divuldged was that the helmets will sport a white wishbone "C" as opposed to the standard orange. If any photos emerge, I'll be sure to add to the post.

  4. Love the poker chip idea, but would suggest maybe pitching the circle on a bit of an angle, giving the illusion of a little more dimentsion/depth, plus you could then add the alternate color banding on the outer ridge of the chip to better express it's indeed, a chip, not just a flat circle with a funky border.

    Not a huge fan of the red, either, but a nice package nonetheless.

  5. Whipped up some early uniform ideas as well. Regarding the two alternates, I was torn on the more "classic" look of alt #1, versus what I think is a more aesthetically pleasing alternate #2. I suppose for functionality sake, the first one would probably work for better contrast as a road alt. Again, can't wait to hear you guys rip/make suggestions on the infant stages of this project:




    ALT #1

    ALT #2

  6. Earlier this year, Bloomington, IL was awarded an ECHL franchise to begin play in a new state-of-the-art downtown arena in 2006-07:

    The team has yet to receive a nickname. Based on Bloomington-Normal's status as an insurance capital (State Farm and Country Companies are the two leading employers, with both corporations' international corporate headquarters residing in the Twin Cities), I am proposing the unique name of either the Bloomington or Twin Cities "Underwriters."

    McLean county is also the largest corn-producing county in the State of Illinois, explaining the etimology of the tassels/color scheme.

    I have thrown together some initial concepts and would love the expert feedback of this board. After some constructive criticism, I look forward to going back to the drawing board and creating an official identity and uniform package to submit to the franchise's front office.

    Thanks in advance for the feedback!





  7. SyPhi: Let me know what dimesnsions would be convinent for you, and I'd be more tham happy to resize them for you.

    Also, I too feel better about the secondary logo, but just could not see it in the middle of a hockey sweater.

    Love the's great to boumce ideas amongst goofs like us.