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  1. Yes, you are missing something. Read the thread. His sword looks like a limp hotdog, or as was pointed out, a rubber sword. The "two" swords is actually to show where the one sword should be, the top sword, the original needs to be there, one and only sword. Not the rubber limp sword. It would be even better at a 90 degree angle, which is a strong position.
  2. We can only hope for a Farve retirement so Vikings go back back to their losing ways. One game from the Superbowl is not enough for their fans. Blame Favre for one bad pass, not the 12 men in the huddle, incomplete pass would of made for a 56 yard FG attempt. 6 Fumbles, all Farves fault.
  3. This free hosting site is SLOW, so give it a chance. I hope you can see what we are talking about with these images.
  4. I would also say that the F looks like it was the last item to be put in. It is warped, scrunched, off-center just to fit in. Now that it is pointed out, the sword does seem to me leaning left.
  5. Even though the clasp that holds the visor looks decent, in needs depth. It is like a 1/8 think, needs a shadows. What you have is flat. You have to sell our eyes.
  6. So far, it looks like a Husky. I am interested in seeing how it turns out.
  7. OK, how about the old Pirate pistols? I can see the hammer on the right side already. Of course when I look too long, the pirate pistol turns into a clowns pistol with the flag that drops down. LOL. Maybe the P of Pirates could be the stock and trigger with the top of the letters the barrel. OK, I will shut up now.
  8. I keep seeing a sword across the top of the name, I think you might be able to work it in, but it could be too much.
  9. Could you duplicate the text layer, style in white glow, put it as the lower text layer, then drop shadow the top layer? Will help the text top pop.
  10. Looks like you are putting your stickers on the wrong layer, they look like they are below a layer of varnish. also, you need to select the red area before you do the noise for the metallic look, because now it is on the white plastic parts.
  11. Here is what I came up with. I am sure others on here could do better, but it is not bad. Thanks Davidson for the helmet template.
  12. This helmet template gave me an idea for a senior gift for the football players, that is the make a shadow box with the helmet, a jersey and pictures. I could add a shadow to the edges, so when it is in a frame, it would look like there is depth to it, as it is 4 inches deep. Anyone got a realistic jersey that would be big enough for something like 24x36 poster? JerseyDatabase images are way to small. I had seen somewhere how to do mesh, anyone have a tutorial? and yes, I found it in the past by Google, and I have been searching again, but cant find it. Thanks