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  1. Anyone have a clue when the Rangers will unveil their thirds?
  2. Am I the only person who thinks a yellow alternate could have looked better?
  3. dean3790

    NHL 2012

    Yeah, it would look a lot better with light blue side panels. I like these a lot so far, but am hoping the alternates tend to do something a little more than a simple swap of color and the primary logo on the home/roads with the shoulder patch. It could get a little predictable and boring, but you're only two teams in so I'll wait to see before I pass judgement. Awesome work though.
  4. dean3790

    New Glossy Sigs

    NY Rangers would be spectacular. Thanks.
  5. I think it needs some sort of shoulder looks a little plain up there. And the RBK logo on the back should be a little more defined, in my opinion. Good work so far.
  6. dean3790

    NHL 2012

    The back wordmark doesn't work with the curved striping on the first two...I'd put it on the other two as they don"t have that issue. Otherwise, I do like the concept but still don't know if I like the old logo...
  7. One thing you're missing that makes them look a little less "authentic" in my eyes is the wordmark a lot of teams have below the NFL shield on the chest. But that's just my opinion. Otherwise most of these look phenomenal.
  8. Any way I could get a New York Giants #12? The new one, without the red triangle on the collar. Thanks a ton!
  9. How come there are so many teams that have great looking alternate logos with mediocre primaries? I was going to start a new thread but figured I'd ask here. Teams that come to mind: Atlanta Charlotte Golden State Los Angeles Clippers Miami New Orleans Toronto
  10. LOL. It's 557 now that you've edited it. It wasn't before. All I did was un-center it. The pixel length is still the same.
  11. How accurate are the NFL jersey combos on the main site here? I am trying to fix the errors in Madden and am having trouble finding reliable templates. I am really adjusting the specifics like sock color and stuff, but I don't know if the templates are 100% correct. I'm assuming they are pretty accurate, but just want to make sure before I overhaul my game. Thanks guys!
  12. I can't see how it is stretching the page out when it is only 557 pixels long and multiple people on the page are using the exact same signature. And I did google Anaheim Ducks Third Jersey and they don't have a current third so nothing came up. Sodboy's sig is 600 pixels long, yet he's telling me to trim it back? Clearly I'm not the one stretching the page out.
  13. I thought he was making a reference to a current Anaheim third and I did Google it, I had no clue he was talking about an older third. There's really no reason to be so condescending about it. I'll change my sig but unless you have a tiny monitor with a tiny resolution, there's no way it should be stretching out the page. Plenty of people have signatures a few pixels smaller than mine, a few of them on this page (JQK).
  14. They are releasing a DLC pack for the AFL jerseys (or so I've heard) so that isn't very unlikely. Furthermore, whoever said it's not neon is right, it is definitely a pea green:
  15. I've never seen this third Anaheim jersey. Pictures or a link?