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  1. Is it just me or does the ark have a too small draught. It looks like it can tip over any minute.
  2. I think that the shade of brown is of but other then that it's a good concept
  3. my home town city "flag" (it's more of an coat of arms)
  4. Ok I've switched the colours around on both jerseys. but now I think that it doesn't look as good as previous
  5. I started to wonder how Anaheim Ducks would look in an different color scheme and I thought that green, purple and orange would be uniqe and a nod to the Mighty Ducks era. I used the webbed D as a logo. The colors are a shade of British Racing Green, Dark purple and orange. Version #1 Version #2
  6. Here is some of mine NHL Random and an WHA Redesign Competition entry that I'm proud of
  7. When LeBron James made a circus with his team switch the sports section of the swedish newspaper Aftonbladet made a small list including other big attention moves in north America. Many of us know that Wayne Gretzky was traded from Edmonton to Los Angeles but the graphic in the paper says different.
  8. Your concepts are very good so far and I would like to see Finland next.
  9. You could try to do an 3D effect on the I-beam (where it stands "Bridgestone") so its clear what it is.
  10. Can't wait until you post a concept with Sweden
  11. Ok I've made some changes to it and added a white jersey. I've also tried to make gold more prominent. a penny for your thoughts
  12. I was playing around on how I could get their pre Edge design on an Edge template and the result became like this. Back are the straight sleeve stripes and hem stripe. number and name fonts are their currents. C+C
  13. Update I took a different template this time.
  14. I was curios of how Calgarys late 90,s kits would look like today on the edge template and I cheated a little bit and used Calgarys current template. I put into some connection to the past and cleaned it up a little bit. Concept 1 Concept 2
  15. okey I've updated it with some sponsor logos and a little bit of red as an contrast