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  1. Heard PITT is adding stripes back onto the helmet. The stripes would be the same sequence as the gold pants.
  2. the colors don't match Idaho State's uni's are pretty tight looking. I would like to see their whole uni set.
  3. Have the Navy pants been in the combo ever since they busted out the Neon Green Jerseys? I like them, but there isn't much purpose for them. There isn't a huge difference between the green and navy pants. The Navy pants just make it a lil darker. Silver pants, instead of Navy pant owuld be an upgrade. Keep the white and Navy, similar to how other teams have kept 3 pants.
  4. December 31, 2007 against the Kentucky Wildcats. Because... Are those gold sock?!!! Still doesn't mean they can't match the Gold's. Even though their Helmets aren't that close to their pants, Nike could make it happen.
  5. I can't remember the last time FSU wore garnet pants. When was the last time they wore them? Also, they used to wear all garnet occasionally. I like them wearing different combinations, but i'd rather see the gold pants predominately. I just hate to see a great set of uniforms go to waste. I know other schools have experimented with Gold alternate jerseys, and most don't turn out that well. None seem to match that well with the gold helmets, or pants. Why doesn't FSU experiment with a Gold alternate jersey paired with the white pants? I wouldn't want them to go crazy and pair Gold jerseys with garnet pants, but use some of your color scheme if you have it. They have great colors. Anybody else in favor of FSU Gold Alternates?
  6. Nothing against the HBCU schools, but it looks like Florida is playing one. Sorta looks like past Grambling uniforms, with the red facemask.
  7. and black pants. Shoulda gone with black facemasks instead of red.
  8. Watching a bit of the Ole Miss/Arkansas game and see the Razorbacks have a thick red stripe down the side. I could swear I saw them have a solid white pair of pants last week vs FLA and sometime saw them wear a modern stripe pair too. What's up with that? Just like Michigan State. Wear one pair of white pants and stick to it!
  9. Illinois is wearing orange pants on the road. If I am correct, this year they are busting out these pants for the first time ever with this set. Is this right? I can't recall them wearing it before. BTW it looks real sharp. I love their set now that they have brought out the orange and blue pants like the olden days. Now we can only hope for the classic orange/blue/orange look soon.
  10. It has been known all week by Pitt fans that the team was going to wear gold pants. DW always goes with what jersey they win in last. That is why they have gone with the white look lately because they lost to NCST in blue pants. They've been winning at home with the standard gold/blue/gold, so it is that way today. However, USF will be in green pants.
  11. The Steelers should definitely phase their white throwback pants into their regular set. Maybe for just away games, but those pants are pretty sweet. Still pretty traditional (it is a throwback), but doesn't really take away from their mystique. Especially since the early 70's Steelers used to wear white pants too.
  12. Maybe I missed a previous post, but there are a couple of schools wearing white at home that don't traditionally do so. Cincinnati, FSU, and Miss State are all wearing white at home. Are there any others? I did know FSU was doing a white-out, but it surprised me other teams followed suit.
  13. Auburn and Georgia for sure could use them for games against 'Bama, UF, and LSU. A couple years back, I thought I saw a concept of a Auburn uni with blue pants. If I am mistaken, it'd be cool to see one. Georgia has done it before, so they should bring it back asap. Oregon can do whatever the heck they want. They just amuse me.