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  1. WLD

    Wagga's Greatest Athlete

    Davidson has done a number of jobs for me Fixer and the original crow was one of them.
  2. I've been asked by a mate to help out with a logo for a fun competition.
  3. Looks great mate.. I like that font! What did you mean by 'some of the elements feel a bit disparate' ?
  4. Gaz, Thanks for the feedback. As I said in my first post, I'm not sure why they want to change as I think the current logo looks great. I kept with the colours they are using now. That maybe true about the workmark under a roof but the purpose of a logo is to identify the brand and product it's representing within seconds.. I feel to best identify a shed/garage business is to use a roof. so if you were designing a new logo for RivSteel you would you just go with the original wordmark and no roof? Or am I mis- understanding you? The 'Riv' stands for Riverina which is the area the business is based in. I do understand that if people were not from around that region they may get confused but they have used this name for a number of years now.
  5. Here is another version with a few of the suggested changes.
  6. I prefer your original Chiefs logo FD..I liked the thinner line stroke you used on the heads in the original version and also prefer the workmark on that one as well.
  7. DelayedPenalty - I was trying for the sturdier feel for the logo.. I'll change the "Sheds Garages Trailers" text to something like a swiss. I did try a couple of options using the blue parallelogram as the dot but it didn't come up like I'd hoped. I'll give it another shot. 54 Chevy - Yeah your probably right. I am battling to find that modernised feel for it. I think I'll try and work the letters 'RS' into it. CDixonDesigns - Maybe they need to reverse the colours on their current logo? So that the word 'Steel' stands out more by using the grey? My other concern is the space between pitched roof and 'rivsteel' maybe I need to drop that down... or maybe just start again!!
  8. Hi Guys.. A mate has asked me to help him out with an update of his current logo for his one-man steel/trailer/sheds supply company. Personally I think his current logo has plenty to offer and don't think it needs changing, however he wants to place the logo on a large sign on the outside of his business and he thinks the current logo wouldn't stand out. I have had a bit of a go at it but am not fussed at what I have come up with. I tried to keep in on par with what he had already.. Any C&C or ideas/help on this would be appreciated.. Current logo - My shot at the logo -
  9. 2012 design comp? Gee they're getting in early Gaz!Goodluck with it. KC, Yeah I love how the Roosters jersey curves at the top of the V. My version differs a little as it's got 2 full V's and they're also seperated. For some strage reason the Roosters are changing their jerseys again, I guess it comes down to the fact they think everyone whose going to buy one has it already and they'll make more from a new design. Now with the side panels Gaz, I used this on an Aussie Rules jersey I made back in 07.. So maybe the Roosters got the idea from me! ha. Blades have struggled with their designs this year but someone at each of these clubs must have okay'd them? The material looks very lightweight and breathable.. If it's durable than you can't ask for me I guess.
  10. Thanks Gaz .. But anything would beat that rubbish! It's like they had 4 or 5 designs they liked and picked something off each of them! I totally agree about changing suppliers in 2012, Blades doesn't have the designs or quality of jerseys like the market leader ISC. Have you had any of your jerseys made yet Gaz?
  11. After seeing a pre-release photo of the 2011 Wests Tigers jersey and hearing the supporters scathing feedback about it I thought I'd have a crack at designing them a new set. Soon to be official jerseys - What do you think of these? My version -
  12. WLD

    Cowboys Logo

    Yeah I like that change Gaz.. Great job on the logo mate!!
  13. WLD

    Cowboys Logo

    I'm really liking the V2 secondary. You have merged the star and horns beautifully. If I was to offer one change it would be to make the horns centerpiece a little larger (or try add a little colour), as they are still a huge part of the clubs name.
  14. I doubt that will happen when the ACT government has invested $23 million over 10 years. I can't see them being called Western Sydney when playing in Canberra. They will be referred to as the Giants or GWS.
  15. Interesting to see the process of animation and graphics - Looking forward to seeing the final product mate. How was the knee after running onto those passes?? Any chance of a comeback FD?