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  1. I agree that there is no way that new Minnesota script is happening, but I am also sure that there will be a variation of this script on the away uniform.
  2. I am not entirely sure where I read this, but I am 99% positive they said there would be no away pinstripes. So, if that's the case the only difference is a small amount of piping and front numbers (which I agree will probably be there)
  3. So you are thinking something like this?
  4. This is under the assumption that the source who commented on the twinsballpark2010 website was accurate when they said they were going back to the old MINNESOTA script from the early 60s. Although the away pin striped uni had a Minnesota script that didn't match the old Twins wordmark. A few other teams like the Blue Jays do not have matching lettering styles on their home and away uniforms.
  5. So does this make more sense?
  6. Besides the possibility of the cap being the normal away M. Do you guys think (or know) if this will be close to the script used?