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  1. I'd like to see the top lip extend forward of the jaw. And the forehead curve inward. I think it's pretty close to being a ripper logo.
  2. Looks great, but are the facial features a little off - the mouth reads to me as a profile, while the rest as a 3/4. Does is need to extend further, past the width of the nose?
  3. Nice update - I'd try thicken and lengthen the brow (keeping the end as a point as you have now) to really drive home the frown.
  4. If they are supposed to be rock, it all should be grey (ie hair, eyes, teeth, eye black etc) with the black as outlines and shadow only. I think that will make them look less like grayscale cartoons.
  5. The silhouette needs to convey more movement, I'd have the hammer at the apex of it's swing, even if it breaks the circle
  6. A couple of things that jump out to me - on your logos (Barracudas & Privateers) some of the line weights are a little thin. I think the Barracuda could lose a little detail too. The big blue space beneath the P in Pride makes the logo look unbalanced, I think that needs to be reworked somehow. My favourites here are the Tritons ball logo and the PFF (I'm not sold on the colours yet but the shapes are great)
  7. Sandringham Royals are an amateur baseball club in Australia. My son is currently playing Tball for them and I was inspired to jazz up their look a little. Currently they use an Old English 'S' as their primary/cap logo, which I quite like, so wanted to incorporate that in my new look. The 'Royals' wordmark on their uniform tops is just a recoloured Kansas City mark (or near enough), so I wanted to change that, tieing it in with the Old English look. I also wanted to introduce a bit more fun in their identity and play with the nickname more, hence the crowns and character logos. Since the club has quite a strong womens program I wanted to add a female equivalent of the King logo.
  8. Hi DeadFish...How are things in Oz? I tried the self-publishing thing once: It was kind of expensive to start, and didn't really work out. (a great learning experience though) Also, there was no advantage of the marketing and networking resources that a large publisher could offer. I'm hoping to sway a pub with the "added-on" cross-promotional possibilities that would be possible with this concept. ...But I'm curious- What did you self-publish? How'd it go? Hi Sparky, Oz is just great thanks! I've used createspace to self-publish a collection of baseball themed comic strips and two kids books I wrote for my son (3 year old). For the most part I sold to people I know or gave out copies as gifts. Print-On-Demand required zero upfront cost (at least with some providers) which is why I chose it. I pay only for what I can use. The book gets listed online, but yeah, you don't get the promotion. It has in no way been a money-maker, but it was an inexpensive indulgence, and worthwhile if only because my little boy loves his Dinosaur books. Consider Createspace (or a competitor) IF you can't get interest from Publishers, this deserves a bigger audience than self-publishing will get you. Kickstarter, I think is also an excellent idea. As long as there is some way for me to get my hands on it in the end I'll be happy.
  9. Wow, it's been a long while since I've visited this forum, and what an amazing thread to suck me back in. Sparky, as a wannabe children's author myself, can I suggest Print-on-demand (such as Amazon's Createspace) as a way of getting your work out there if publishers don't get on board. I've self-published a few titles this way - it's the no minimums that make it attractive, I don't sell many, but I'm not paying for unused copies.
  10. It blows my mind to learn that this came about in 1998. I had always thought it was the same overall for years, and I own several items with this logo on it. I guess the Animated Series really did shoot Batman up into a higher popularity. Given it looks like the chest logo from the 1983 cover posted in this thread, I'm thinking it (or a very similar version) has been around for a LOT longer than that.
  11. DeadFish

    Wildcat logo

    Great progression! Couple of things bugging me. The perspective of the the top teeth is still off - left to right the snout slopes down, but the teeth slope up. Extend the back/right tooth to be at least as long as the front/left tooth and match the slope of the top of the teeth with the bottom of the muzzle. Also, as creativelysain suggests, the muzzle doesn't quite fit with the rest of the design. I'm not quite sure what you need to do, but I think ditching the whiskers and replacing with a few spots on the muzzle might help and thicken the remaining line weights.
  12. A tweak I think you should try. You have the shadow that runs down the face and over the jaw currently lining up. Try shifting the shadow on the jaw left a bit making the jaw appear to jut forward. I think it will give him some extra depth and make the logo even cooler. Hope it works.
  13. I like the addition of the antlers to the jersey.
  14. A couple of things that put me off, and it might be where razr is coming from too, the thicker outline/shadow on the chin appears off - that's where the confusion about the profile really springs from I think. Make it uniform and I bet he works better. Secondly I reckon his eye is too high, try moving it down - even if it currently matches your reference - it just doesn't look right to me. Sheild logo I like, and I think the head-dress looks great. Nail the face (though I could be wrong about what it needs) and it's a beaut set.
  15. I like it, I always thought the red and green mix was too Xmas-y and the lack of contrast in the logo didn't help. Moving the tan to the face works for me and I love the double green. A possible alternative could be to replace the second green with the yellow.