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  1. The second he said the Maloofs were apart of this, I audiably groaned. This should be... fun.
  2. Grew up in suburban NYC, moved to Charlotte in 2006. MLB: New York Yankees. Grew up on Yankee baseball. Both of my parents worked at the stadium during the height of the "Core Four" era. Got to see a lot of great baseball. NFL: 1. Green Bay Packers: First game I really watched was MNF against the Raiders where Brett Favre threw for 4 TD's after his fathers death. Loved the team ever since. Second team would be the Carolina Panthers. Hometown team and they were the first team I really rooted for in the Super Bowl in 04. Always liked them (albeit they've been easy to root for recently) and breifly worked for them. NHL: New York Islanders: Saw my first hockey game in Nassau in 97. One of my dads friends had season tickets and we would occasionally get tickets from him (about 3 games a year). NBA: Charlotte Hornets: Hometown team. Followed them extremely closely since 2008. If there was one team I wouldn't hesitate to call myself a superfan of, it would be the Hornets. Also have a soft spot for the Nets and Knicks. MLS: Either NYRB, NYCFC or Seattle. I like soccer but I don't really associate with any one team. Those are the teams I tent to gravitate to. EPL: No real preference, though I tend to gravitate towards the London clubs. Serie A: Inter Milan. Bought a Inter kit during a trip to Italy without knowing it. Had a passing interest ever since. NCAA Football: Ball State NCAA Basketball: Ball State and North Carolina
  3. Holy Crap I would kill for that!! Blake was my favorite player as a kid. Awesome find!!!
  4. The Nets redesign is beautiful!!! Don't know if the court would work but I like the idea.
  5. Do you think you could make some Packers ones?? Also could you make a Kemba Walker Bobcats background?? Heres a picture I appreciate it man these are awesome.
  6. Im in love with these, Altough im still waiting to see A Milwalkee Beers concept
  7. I love the Aviators uniforms, Its always nice to see things about my hometown. The Charlotte script is great.
  8. Well It could work, Charlotte really needs to get behind it more and who knows, localizing your affiliates may help the Canes attendance as well.
  9. I love my Packers uni's the way they are, But I like these alot.
  10. I like the pants design. Resembles the basketball jerseys.
  11. Yhea i'm not liking this too much. Now I want corn flakes.
  12. I like these alot. They maybe old but they look good.
  13. Hey could you make one with these two logos http://www.sportslogos.net/logo.php?id=tytgxvgwe3r0hwqaehb3lxef7 and http://www.sportslogos.net/logo.php?id=xwsmnh5qqfr5fo3vcb4blqnb1. Thanks, your wallpapers look amazing.