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  1. Louisville and Nashville are, believe it or not, in different leagues. Louisville is in the International League, Nashville is in the Pacific Coast League, for some reason. So they aren't really rivals, they never play each other. Thought I'd point that out.
  2. I like that blue alt. How many teams have their city on the home AND road? Also, only one cap? Saw one on the shop that was all black with a white logo, is that a game hat or a fashion one?
  3. What's the actual color? Even in the shadow it looks goldish Nevermind, I see it. Black. Upper right of the bill you can see the black. Odd how light makes black look gold.
  4. Why is the bill a gold color? Is that an actual in game hat, or some kind of "fashion" hat? If it's a game hat, where does that gold come in?
  5. Interesting that the photo was of Ozzie in the home white uni. When I first saw it, I was thinking some kind of powder blues or something. My thing is, if it IS something uniform related, it wouldn't just be something they wear every once in awhile. The previous years they've worn the powder blues for some throwback games but they don't make a big announcement out of it. Maybe a powder blue uniform is going to be a "road alternate" since they have a home alternate now.
  6. Actually, I'm not so sure. If those above are what they'll look like, I find them far far worse than the current jerseys. And I'm not a fan of the current ones.
  7. If they do go Indiana on top, Pacers on bottom, I think it's the worst decision in the world. Those just look stupid and plain.
  8. I absolutely love the crest. The kits could use a bit of work, but I really like the direction you're headed with this though
  9. Sweet, nice to see a few of my suggestion make the cut! Can't wait to see the identities of these teams!
  10. Independence Hall is in Philadelphia. Yeah I realized that after I typed that out.I don't know what the heck I was thinking. Possibly confused Boston ywith Philadelphia. I just embarrassed myself, and I call myself a history buff...
  11. Connecticut-Nutmegs Connecticut is also known as the Nutmeg State Boston- Independence . Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed New York Freedom -Many immigrants come to the US via New York Ellis Island. Statue of Liberty is a symbol for Freedom New Jersey Gamblers . Atlantic City is in New Jersey and it's a gambling hot bed. Philadelphia Quakers -It's known as the Quaker City in the Quaker State Pittsburgh River Steelers -It's home to the convergence of 3 rivers and its the Steel City. Fun nickname but kinda impossible for a logo Indianapolis Victory -The figured at the top of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument at Monument Circle is called Victory. Dedicated to Hoosier Vets. Cleveland Foresters -It's known as the "Forest City" oddly enough Cincinnati Royals -Cincy is known as "The QUeen City" Detroit Ig nition -Pretty Se lf explainatory Chicago Wind Surfers =-Windy City+Lake Michigan Washington Senators -Ya know Nashville Stars -the Country music capital of the world Memphis Rive rBandits-miss issippi river and I'm sure there were some riverbandits Oklahoma City Indians-Oklahoma is home of many Native American Reservations Louisiana Gators- Louisiana has a lot of Gators St. Louis Romans- It's known as the Rome of the West. Or it was. That's all I've got for now
  12. Anyone have anything new about the Cardinals? I cannot find anything anywhere online about them dropping the navy caps, or adding a cream colors St. Louis alternate jersey. Thanks.
  13. mike1990

    Racing Indy FC

    ha snooze you lose Yeah its based off Croatia 's 2010 World Cup jerseys. I went through Wikipedia looking at companies who HQs are in Indy and Lilly seemed like the one that stood out. I never noticed that you had been a part of the Brickyard Battalion,. I don't pay attention to many signatures And yes, the Y in the sponsor logo is not supposed to be blended in. I didn't realize that until after I posted it. I didnt really want to change it because I didn't want to introduce another color to the scheme, although, it wouldn't really mess with the club colors at all.
  14. mike1990

    Racing Indy FC

    As in a full checkerboard the whole design? I could probably do that. I'll also try to incorporated the checkerboard into a few other designs if possible.
  15. mike1990

    Racing Indy FC

    There is a group on Facebook called the Brickyard Battalion. Their goal is to bring MLS or any professional high level soccer to Indianapolis. So what I did, with their permission, took one of the logos they had designed for the team, and used it with a jersey concept, or actually just top concepts. Here is the logo: First: Second: Third: Yeah, they're all similar in design, but the checkerboard, the flag used in racing to signal the end of the race, is symbolic in Indianapolis with the Indy 500. C&C welcome.