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  1. Number 8

    NHL 2012

    Someone may have enjoyed game 6 a little too much......
  2. The Giants look like a football version of the Montreal Canadiens
  3. Wow... thats way different than I imagined it but I love it. Thanks a lot!
  4. Maybe a little steam will make it more train-esque
  5. Number 8

    wolf concept

    Id shorten up the neck
  6. I like it but I dont know if that logo is strong enough for a primary. Maybe if you add a wordmark it will look stronger
  7. Team:LA Kings City: Los Angeles Logo: Background print: Pride=passion=power Thanks in advance
  8. Number 8

    Los Angeles Kings

    This is a black day indeed
  9. Looks very good, NHL quality
  10. Make an alternate with the duck wordmark on the old style jersey
  11. Number 8

    Los Angeles Kings

    You could keep the crown as a primary too. It can be a strong logo