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  1. not sure whats going on in the far right (within the black)

    I'm working on that... right now its his hair... but it hink i need to make it all white.

    Are you trying to figure out how to draw the hand holding the bolt? Honestly, hands are notoriously difficult to draw, so when I need to draw a hand in a logo, I usually hold something myself, looking in a mirror if need be, to figure out how the fingers, palm, and back of the hand relate to each other.

    Yeah... going to look up hand studies and try to figure out how I can get better at that...

  2. I love where you're going with this. But the hand holding the bolt is really awkward--is it not finished? I know you said that the hands were a work in progress.

    Yeah the hands are no where close to being done... I just needed help - especially on those... Any guidance?

  3. I really like the start of what you have and think it can be (and honestly already is) and upgrade of what the Lightning already have. Just keep listening to the advice of some of the veteran posters and you'll have an even better concept.

    I do have a suggestion about color scheme though, and believe you should add a little yellow somewhere In there. A blue/black/yellow color scheme for the lightning would be a very good push away from the "Maple Leafs" copy.

    Thanks for your compliments!

    I thought about that... And I love the addition of yellow... But your reasoning... Taking a "maple leafs" copy and adding yellow would be making a St. Louis blues, preds and Sabres copy...... I would have to find a happy medium between the black/blue/white and black/blue/yellow/white

  4. What is the blue and white thing under the beard?

    I'm sorry. I really don't like to bring things to this board that aren't in a "close to being complete" state and this is no where close. It is his arm ... well half of it.

    What is the blue and white thing under the beard?

    I think that's his other arm but without a hand.

    yes. It ends with the beginning of the fore arm. I, again, don't like to bring uncomplete work here but I just needed some guidance.

    Give it a hand for starters.

    I really like the basic concept.

    I think you're going to need to either centre the lighting bolt or have it going diagonally across the logo to balance it out.

    Also i'd have Zeus looking at us, not down. I get why you've done it that way, but if he's looking down on a hockey jersey he's just looking at the ice.

    But I really like the basic concept and the way you've coloured it thus far.

    Yes - I really don't like to bring uncomplete work to this board - but I really needed guidance. I will work on hands asap.

    Thank you. I'm glad you like it in this early of a state...

    Wow. You are exactly right - thank you for this idea. I'm all about "balance" and harmonious designs. I think you are right. What do you think about it going horizontal ... and kind of behind the head?

    ... I'll have to reposition the eyes. This is something I'm going to have to "see" in order to "see" if I like it. I did this because I wanted "force"

    Thanks for the last compliment. I really want to perfect this.

    Good start, but definitely a major way to improve it would be to add hockey aspects. make the bolt look like a stick (or maybe another lightning bolt across the top to make a "T" and then add a bolt to make a "B"), or add a puck. Definitely need the hockey inclusion.

    Someone else close to me said the same thing... but I looked at the current identity of the lightning... and it has none. And I don't think it needs one... I might make the stick a bolt - but this is the fundamental direction i want to go in. Thanks for the reply! and i'll have to play around with it a bit. :)

  5. I never bring something this early... But I just need help.. I need your help. How can I perfect this?

    - note:

    - This is REALLY early.

    - I haven't done the hands / finish the arms.

    It's part of my nhl series I'm working on.... I just need help in making a finish product.


  6. Lines and details are too small, work them bigger. You can exaggerate to get the point across, can keep the readability of the design.

    Thanks for the positive feedback - I hope you take a look at my updated images.

    a zombie/baron

    My first thought was, "robot."

    I also don't understand the shape of the crown of the hat. Why does it slope down in the back like it was a fire helmet?

    Yes, the fire helmet look really bugged me now that you pointed it out. I hope my next rendition shows this fixed. Thank you for pointing that out.

    Good idea man. Can't wait to see all of these!

    thanks :)

    the idea isn't bad but you have to make a better face and eyes because it looks like a zombie.

    a zombie/baron

    Thank you for your comments and what areas to look like. I still want to achieve a "tough" look...

    Updated: clevelandbarons1_zpsf7effa48.jpg

  7. Hi,

    I'm going to be doing a series here of all of the NHL defunct teams that have not been replaces by a team... PLUS the rockies. Cleveland hasn't been replaced - Columbus is not cleveland. Seals - San Jose is not Oakland or SF.

    With that being said, I am a huge fan of constructive criticism on this board so please help me make these better.

    Starting with the Cleveland Barons. So - to be honest, I had to google what a baron really meant in its most literal form and even then had to find a logo that set the time period of use in the etymology. I found that the top hat guy is the most unique without using anything like kings (LA) or knights / spartans / trojans (over used in sports). Also did not want to look too motzart-ish.

    I also want to use the state to associate the team with the state of ohio. To do this - I simplified the state to an abstract shape with a baron "stretching" the state.

    Anyways here is the Cleveland Barons Primary:


  8. Well modernized. Good job.

    I really appreciate the compliments FALCON6! Thanks :) Any suggestions as far as which direction to go?

    It really depends on what aspect you want to emphasize. If it's the "n" shape, then maybe get rid of the lines separating the stick from the rest of the n. If you still want the igloo, then the n will have to be more abstract looking like it was before.

    I really was going for an N + Hockey stick with a slight nod to the past.

    You obviously can draw, however, the N igloo logo is one of those simple/childlike designs that just gets better over time. Redoing a similar look would just look too strange especially now. I would say it would be safer to redo a design based off of the unused Wolf Head logo.

    Thanks. I actually am just really getting into design as of late more and more. I feel like i'm improving when I look at old uploads... My improvements have all come because of people with great critiques on this website.

    The N igloo is one of those simple childlike designs - I agree and... I also agree with it just getting better over time. I wasn't trying to reproduce that - I was just trying to come up with a modern crest. Think Jets 90's logo vs the new Jets crest. (winnipeg that is...) it's different, but still a roundel with a jet in it... So that's the back story.

    I don't think the nordiques look good with the wolf. That's like using a plane for the flyers.

  9. 155314_624153634423_5783236_n.jpg

    Proof: I have had a soft spot for the browns.

    - I love this thread. This thread is why this community exists and prospers. Because of designers like you and the C&C (valuable C&C) provided by the community.

    With respects to your concept. I LOVE your work. And I cannot say that strong enough. EXCELLENT work. (way better than my dog that I posted) Each iteration shows massive improvements. Now for the team - I definitely think that this is a "Dog Pound" logo and it definitely should be the official dog pound logo but not the teams primary. I'm guilty of making dog logos for the team as well, but I don't think they can be a primary. (and I hope nike doesn't change anything) I've only seen ONE browns concept I like "for an official" and thats the Fraser Davidsons (http://dribbble.com/shots/202916-Cleveland-Browns-Logo-Concept-3?list=tags&tag=cleveland)

    I'm probably the only one that LOVES the last one with the helmet (I hope not) It's honestly my favorite thing about growing up as a browns fan in the dog pound is the community - older and younger and that definitely plays into that dog pound feel and connects with younger fans while being mean enough to be a dog pound logo. I think that you should put the regular stripes on the helmet...

    The tag with the = B = is the better tag. Stick to that one.

    Is there any reason you used 2 oranges? Other than experimenting? I'd love to see the final product in just : the main orange, brown and white.

  10. I use Chrome and would love to test. I use neither Ai or PS but Correl PaintShop Pro. I have okay skills not great but not bad. I would be willing to help design the uniforms. I am wondering what a "web template" is. Is is some kind of app or what?

    Thanks and I look forward to testing.

    PS. I could probably do some of the uni designs.

    I would definitely credit you in the about. I just want to bring better sports art here and to the entire web.

    I'll shoot you a message!

  11. Wow. This is great. If I can, I'd definitely like to help.

    ahh very novel idea here. i'd help test it if need be.

    Both of you:

    What browser do you use?

    What is your skill level with the pen tool (in like ps or illustrator), paint bucket tool, etc. Basically what is your skill level in PS and adobe illustrator?

    And conrad, you are the one that does the fonts, right? Would you ever want to let me install the fonts on my webserver so users could use in their 3D designs?

    I'm putting together a credits section for people who help out :


    Library Items


    Jersey Designs (I want to show case ever team in 3d - I have the sharks in the nhl done and the phoenix suns done in the nba)