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  1. hey man these are sweet could i get a cubs logo made into a patch thanks
  2. more white would be acceptable
  3. brosephb26


    hey if i could have another one i would like : Yankees logo white navy gray navy
  4. for the head you should go in the middle of the two sizes, but the bigger head is better , very nice concept you got here
  5. brosephb26


    thanks a bunch
  6. brosephb26


    may i have a : chicago cubs alternate logo logo on powder blue or carolina blue red white blue
  7. May I have a : Navy with a White Yankees logo ( NY ) Navy with a White and Red Twins logo ( TC ) Black with a White and Red Reds logo ( C ) and Powder Blue with the White and Reds Cubs logo ( C ) Thanks a bunch
  8. It is better but its still missing some stuff, i'm not a big fan of the Blue and Yellow but it's your league
  9. I know that the world is round man I'm saying that would be kind of weird showing only half of the league, idk how he can fix this cuz it wouldn't be that accurate then
  10. Yup the globe needs to be fixed and its only showing about 60 percent of the world you have a lot more countries involved in this im guessing
  11. it is much better I'll give you that but something is missing
  12. C Jay Z is right and has very good advice here
  13. I like bottom left the most, then bottom right