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  1. Nets new logo] Compare with old logo 97/98-09/10 and new logo 10/11 of nets Please update this?
  2. I thinking I love old school C bearcats logo and Hanging Cat logo than currents C logo. Do you agree or disagree?
  3. Some Cincinnati bearcats logo from past are incorrect date. This logo should be 1980 not 1983. 1980-1987 as primary and as alternate 1987-1989 This old school UC logo should be added from 1981-1987 as alternate and as primary 1987-1989
  4. YMCA OLD LOGO look like a yield sign across from the street.
  5. I thinking Padres will bring back pinstirpe or classic style as alternate.
  6. Which YMCA logo is better Old or New? New one is ugly
  7. The updated starbucks logo is okay but old one is better than ugly updated green starbucks logo.
  8. Yes I am 9th grade in Sycamore High School, I am 15 , Yes I was born Ohio, Yes and also I was 3 years old I can't speech very well and Autism and Today My Autism is almost gone and Sometimes my Sentances is not correct and I troble speech new word So speech teacher help my Sentences correctly. That's not Funny I know about my mom's tougue. I just here for sports historys, Talk about uniform or logos, some times non sports section, and I don't nets to wear red is not color uniform screme in past except alternate and I love blue jersey and grey jersey for nets not red.
  9. bengals season is over

  10. Detriot Pistons use to switch Red,white, and blue to Nasty Teal, Red , Orange and Black colors and revent back Red, white, and blue in 2001-02 which they won 2004 NBA FINALS. Before teal ERA NASTY Teal ERA 1996-2001 Grant Hill played for pistons until 2000 and still played for NBA. Joe Dumars played for pistons and retired in 1999. After Teal ERA and Return Red, White, Blue colors Richard Hamilton still played for pistons. Chauncey Billups played for pistons until 2008.
  11. Calgary Flames switch from regular red AWAY/Now as HOME uniform to Black uniform formely a Alternate and In 03-04 they brought back a Updated red uniform and black uniform which became alternate again until 05-06 season before RBK EDGE ERA in 07-08. Before 1995-1999 Red Road uniform which is now HOME uniform in 03-04 season. Then Black Road/HOME formely a Alternate and became again in 03-04 until 05-06 season. After Updated red Home uniform from 03-04 - Present and Updated ain 07-08 part of RBK EDGE. I wish nets change back from red to navy blue.
  12. Yes I saw that on youtube. By away I am from Cinicinnati.