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  1. Last one for me as I forgot about my iPhone Angles Thanks again these are amazing
  2. size? Looks like you did the niners already so Coyotes 1280 x 1024 Thanks again
  3. That is awesome. Can I request a Phoenix Coyotes one and a SF 9ers?
  4. i think that might be incorrect. Heres what they have for the 2012 authentic Pujols jersey and I didnt see any patches on either the red or the home during the press conference.
  5. 10 years ago the average gas price was also $1.36/gallon....
  6. Can I get a denver broncos/tim tebow please? Thanks in advanced
  7. I voted for Rad (his spelling) and Navy Blue
  8. Can I get the Anaheim Angels with the script as the head logo and the "A"as the faded logo Can I also get a San Diego Chargers one? Thanks in advanced
  9. Saw this hat online, could just be a fashion hat, or could be the modernization of the stars logo for the new third jersey. Only time will tell
  10. Are you serious? They have the worst logo in the league. It's a clip art wolf in front of a puck and stick
  11. Yeah I agree with you on that one. Why have teams in it who where just there 2 years ago. And why has the west only had one. I know not a lot of the teams could host it, but Minnesota or Colorado would be a great place to hold it. I rather see Detroit host it over Philly, one because its been longer then Philly and two because its not in the east coast again. Or I'd rather see two fresh teams from the east, NYR, NYI, NJ. I think a great idea would to have NYR in yankee stadium, vs Carolina and have them were Hartford uni's. Just an idea
  12. Yeah in terms of level of play, but it is full contact and allows for fighting
  13. Hey I play in that league. They are trying to rebuild it to become a full fledge pro league but for now the winner of the league gets $10,000 for the team