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  1. that’s the ST cap, notice the patch on the right side. if you watch any of the videos of Cole throwing he was wearing the ST cap
  2. if you look at both leaked caps so far (Phillies and Jays) they both take a portion of the logo (not just strictly the primary cap logo) and then put something inside. Like the Phillies took the bell and put the script in it and jays took the leaf and put the bird in it. Maybe/ hopefully they put some thought into it and we get something like the hanging Sox with the B inside rather than the opposite. I think there are opportunities for some good ST caps with this concept.
  3. If we are reading into that brewers color scheme, should we be looking into the twins using a lighter shade (not quite Carolina but also not royal) of blue on most materials this year?
  4. I saw that the ravens are practicing in this new template... or at least something with that collar On the white jerseys
  5. Some kinds of line on the shoulder and gold pants with a stripe
  6. Maybe a clue to the new Oregon look: All the new 2017 football stuff is featuring the camo pattern from the 2015 civil war jerseys. It's being used in the same place where teams are using their sleeve/pant stripe (pattern).
  7. Tech's uniform without a really busy shoulder are looks great. And BC having Irish knots in the helmet stripe is a great subtle nod to playing in Ireland without going nuts.
  8. It looks like they have the "satin" or matte finish on the helmets. Also maybe the wings are painted on rather than a sticker.
  9. I actually bought the home hat the event. Reminds me of Toledo a little bit
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