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  1. Hey guys! I'ts been a while but I'll give it a shot! I'll take the Springfield Falcons... I'll be back with you in a couples of days. Got a great idea for it!
  2. Hey guys! I have'nt post anything for a while, guess I was to shy since some of your work is amasing! But what the heck, this is for fun...right?!? Here's four concepts that I've been working on using the RBK edge template, well sort of, cause I changed it a bit to be easier to work with. Here they are and please, good or bad, I would love to receive your C+C on that! Thanks... ATLANTA TRASHERS Personnaly, I did'nt like their powder blue third jerseys, but I was wondering what it would look like in white and was pleased by the result. So might as well keep it going! MINNESOTA WILD Not much change from their ''original set'', but I think it goes well with the EDGE style. What do you think? OTTAWA SENATORS BE RED!!! The Sens last spring slogan inspired me to go with a red uniform. Looks a lot like their black third jersey, but that third one was fantastic, IMO! PHILADELPHIA FLYERS Even though the Flyers looks better (and meaner) in black, I wanted to go back with the orange, cause that's the way tehy were in the 70's and that's the way they should be, period!
  3. Hey guys! I've been trying out rbk templates for quite some time, but with paint, it's pretty hard! But with a little hard work and a lot of failure, I think that i've come up with something decent. I hope you'll like it. So, here goe's nothing?!?! EDMONTON OILERS Since Edmonton never had any MAJOR change over their history, I did'nt want to make any but still, I wanted to give them a relatively new look. WASHINGTON CAPITALS I don't know if anybody knew it, but the Caps will go back to red white and blue next Do you think they could go with something like this? C+C always appreciated....especially the good ones....
  4. INCREDIBLE! This is, by far, the greatest Islanders concept ever....period!
  5. kroma

    MTL Habs

    Could the Canadiens' look like this?
  6. Hey guys, was bored so I deceide to try something fun with the Canucks. Used their current logo, recolorised it and made a jersey similar to what they used when they arrived in the NHL (and they still do!) but actualised it a little. Finally, as for the third jersey, I made this one a couple of weeks ago, kind of a blend between their first unis and the one they used in the early 80's! Anyway, I think the result 's not that bad, even though it might look a little bit like the Walers' What do you think? C+C always welcome!!!
  7. kroma

    NHL Vintage serie

    Hey guys, I've deceided to go ahead and do, with MSpaint, all the 30 teams vintage unis, plus three that have left the NHL, but not our heart! All the concept are based on what the teams used to wear, but with a twist. There's a few surprises that might make you smile....I hope. I put quite an effort on this so it would be nice to hear from you guys. Enjoy!!! Anaheim Ducks Atlanta Trashers (Based on the Atlanta Flames) Boston Bruins Buffalo Sabres Calgary Flames Carolina Hurricanes Columbus Blue Jackets Chicago Blackhawks Colorado Avalanches (Based on the Rockies) [email=] Dallas Stars Detroit RedWings [email=] Edmonton Oilers [email=] Florida Panthers [email=] LA Kings [email=] Minnesota Wild Montréal Canadiens Nashville Predators [email=] NJ Devils [email=] NY Islanders NY Rangers [email=] Nashville Predators [email=] NJ Devils [email=] NY Islanders NY Rangers [email=] Ottawa Senators Philadelphia Flyers [email=] Pheonix Coyotes [email=] Pittsburg Penguins SJ Sharks StL Blues TB Lightnings Toronto Maples Leafs Vancouver Cannucks Washington Capitals And the extras... Hartford Whalers [email=] Québec Nordiques [email=] Winnipeg Jets
  8. Here's a quick alternate concept of the Av's. What do you think?
  9. Hey guys! Here's a concept of the college I went to a couple of years ago located in Trois-Rivières (it's in 'la belle province', Québec). Now this college does have sports programs such as basketball, volleyball and most important, football. Unfortunately, they don't have a hockey club...until now! This is the concept I came up with. Here I present to you the TROIS-RIVIÈRES DIABLOS! This concept was made upon the Nashville Predators unis. Change the colors and voilà!!! For the alternate uniform, I used the old version of the Edmonton Oilers concept. The three stripes is kinda reminder of the three rivers wich the town's name refer as. And by the way, those are the actuals logos and name of the Trois-Rivières' college. GO DIABLOS!!! C+C are welcome...
  10. WOW! It's the first time that one of my concept as brought so much attention.... I'm the one who's been "riped of" here and I have to say that I'm not mad at all, in fact, I'm kind of flattered... Of all the concepts there is on this forum, pritch77 chose mine! That's cool! If anybody on this forum want to use my concepts, go nuts!! LOL!!!
  11. I like your two concepts, even though the Ducks' look almost the same. But as for the Sabres', WOW my friend. Not only did you manage to make the ' Buffaslug ' look good, but your sweaters looks amasing. I think it's the best concept I've seen so far! Keep up your good work!!!
  12. I've worked on the alternate, here's the result. If you have a faverite, just let me know!
  13. kroma

    The Buffaslug!

    This size might be better:
  14. kroma

    The Buffaslug!

    Since almost everybody love the Buffaslug (LOL), i tought, why not. Almost every body who tried to make a concept out of it failed the test, so why not! Plus, i made an alternate unis that might be the real one they'll chose for next season: