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  1. landmasta


    Saitama Seibu Lions: DaiTokyo Lions Primary Ni :censored:etsu Lions Primary Hat and uniform Detail Alt Hat Taiheiyo Club Lions Its hard to find a logo for this team Crown Lighter Lions Hat Seibu Lions Primary Saitama seibu Lions Primary
  2. oops sorry posted that in the wrong thread
  3. landmasta


    Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks: Nankai Hawks Nankai Hawks Primary Hat Kinki Great Ring i believe this is the Primary Nankai Hawks Second Incarnation Primary Hat Secondary Fukuoka Daiei Hawks Primary Hat Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks Primary hat
  4. landmasta


    Chiba Lotte Marines: Mainichi Orions Cap Mainichi Daimai Orions Primary Logo Daimai Orions Primary Lotte Orions Uni Chiba Lotte Marines Cap Chiba Lotte Marines Primary
  5. hey this is just a rumor, but i was watching the A's game and Glen Kuiper said next year the A's might get a new Gold Alt jersey
  6. landmasta


    Is the NPB section on the site ever gonna be updated? i can get lots of different logos from around.
  7. landmasta


    is there gonna be a section in the website for the UFL logos? i got all of the 09 ones. Florida Tuskers Las Vegas Locomotives New Las Vegas Locomotives old New Yotk Sentinels California Redwoods
  8. i dig the color, slightly lighter than the brewers tan-brown, the hat logos good too
  9. i like it but lose the drawstring