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  1. Nike continues to crap on Brazil's away shirt. How irritating. Another kit with yellow trim instead of white. And now blue shorts instead of white shorts? Seriously?
  2. having grown up in palo alto, please keep our tree the way it is. not the hugest fan of the S in your iteration. but if i were to guess, i could definitely see a rebrand, especially given the direction that the AD has taken things. honestly, Cardinal is a crap nickname for the team. It was the Indians before. And then in the mid 60s or early 70s, the students had picked the Robber Barons to be the mascot (since Stanford himself was a robber baron). Alas, that was vetoed by the administration.
  3. they will be. either they will put a brazilian flag in the place of the CBF crest, or there will be nothing at all. that's what nike did in beijing.
  4. Blue and Yellow is the Classic. Used in 1958 an 1962. they've worn blue and white for 45 years. besides, they end up looking like sweden with blue and yellow (or colombia).
  5. on a brazilian blog, users were speculating that this may in fact be the women's jersey. either way, if it in fact is, the men's team will have the same design. this is definitely a game jersey though, as you can see by the breathing dots on the side and the "tape" that's on the shoulders. and nike is really trying to milk brazil here. they're going to release a new set of brazil jerseys every year until the next World Cup. basically, if i see a crap design, i'm less inclined to buy it, which is why i didnt get the current one. i'll end up buying this one though.
  6. Thankfully, the monstrosities that Brazil are wearing this year will be replaced. The new jerseys will be worn next year only -- for friendlies, and more importantly, the Olmypics. Overall, it's a clean look -- not too different from the 2006-08 jersey, but with a thicker ring on the sleeve. I'm annoyed that Nike continues to insist on Blue and Yellow for the away strip, which is not the tradition (blue and white). There's also a 3rd jersey which will not be worn on the field, but it will be green. More money for Nike. Source (in Portuguese):
  7. they did this last year too. errea is an italian brand, if i recall.
  8. i like the overall design of the german home shirt. not really a big fan of the collar though. absolutely love the away shirt though. the whole "england" thing of blending in the stars above the patch with the color of the shirt is pretty stupid though. but really lovely overall. so i guess the shirt seems to commemorate the 40th anniversary of West Germany's Euro Championship...and then perhaps the peace laurel is in memory of the Munich attacks from the Olympics.
  9. big fan of the niners logo from the early 60s. although im not sure if it counts bc it technically is an alternate logo. whatever.
  10. yeah it's in pretty much the same general area. i live maybe about a mile away from the site right now and honestly, it couldn't be in a worse spot. alas, that's a debate for another thread haha.
  11. Palmeiras away shirt. Adidas seems to be running out of ideas. Let's go ahead and modify France's 2006 away shirt. It's alright, I guess. Don't like the "Palmeiras" written across the gradient. Don't like the crest in the middle either. But I do admit I really like the polo collar with border. Don't really see that too often. Much prefer the home shirt, and I really only like that one because it's a simple and clean design - which is what Adidas has done for the Palmeiras home shirts as of late.
  12. as a sharks fan, i much prefer the older logo -- mainly bc the teal shadowing on the new sharks logo is really dumb.
  13. My club, Palmeiras, from Brazil, will be launching their new shirt next week. Another retro shirt based on the 1951 team, and it brings back the original patch from the club, which you dont see clubs do all that often. I think it's pretty nice shirt that one could even wear out. here it is on some random kid hah. it hasnt officially been announced, but it's been seen at some Adidas stores in Japan (oddly enough) and Sao Paulo.
  14. They've had "Brasil" under the crest for a LONG time. Over 30 years. Only recently though, has the lettering changed. The World Cup 2010 jersey, Nike stupidly decided to capitalize and increase the font. I don't think it looks bad with a smaller font that only says "Brasil" as opposed to all caps. Refer to the Camisa 13 blog post I linked on the previous page. You can see the previous Nike shirts. As for the construction of the jersey, well, it's no different than the other sports out there, although I think they should at least call the ones that most of us would ordinarily buy as "replica." But the construction and material is of course different on the ones they've worn on the field and it's been that way for a while. I like the "replica" one better than the "authentic." I don't mind the font so much but yeah, some of the numbers are terrible. Particularly 9 and 3. The color is of course pretty controversial. I suppose it's better than the rumored light teal color that a store-owner had told me. But this teal/aqua marine color is bizarre to say the least. Apparently, Nike pushed hard to have a black away shirt and it's nice to know that CBF at least did one thing right and rejected that potential aberration. Either way it doesn't really matter since Brazil will only wear these shirts for a year. Then they'll announce new ones next year for the Olympics.