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  1. Well good to see that toronto would be doomed to finsihing third or lower regardless of format.
  2. Of all the teams in the NFL Jacksonville almost seems a shoein to be heading to LA. It's like having a team put into Buffalo if you started completely from scratch with little fan interest.
  3. Best part of it all is it's being played in typical Canadian weather. Nothing says football like needing a parka in the stands.
  4. HI there! I was forwarded to your thread by Chapeeko and absolutely love your design. Do you have a collection of these at all?
  5. well craptastic Looks like it'll be almost impossible to re-produce
  6. Hey all I was referred by an associate of mine on the OOTP boards for a font issue that I was having. Basically it's not a sports team font, but one that is driving me just as nuts to find. Anyone happen to know what is used in this poster?