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  1. Wouldn't change a thing. Possibly my favorite set so far. And yes, this whole package would be perfect for the OKC Thunder in my opinion.
  2. I agree about the colors being a little too similar to the Diablos, but other than that, I love the set. Also, I normally hate two-tone courts, but I like the way that one looks a lot!
  3. I don't really understand the need for a re-do on your previous attempt. It was miles better than this new attempt, honestly. The line thickness and shading doesn't flow at all, whereas the first version was beautifully rendered and had perfect line thickness throughout. It also looks a little bit elongated, which is very distracting. All in all, a huge downgrade IMO.
  4. Davidson, this might be a silly question, but is there actually a curve tool? I'm new to illustrator and can't find one, if it exists. If there isn't, then how did you go about curving the lines like that, without having a "curve point" in the middle of the segment. Instead you have hard edges, which is what I want in my lines.
  5. Wow! forgot about this actually. I got pretty busy with college and whatnot, and I guess my interest in making logos dwindled a little. I had another team partially done, but decided not to continue. Good to see somebody wanted to see more, though.
  6. Ok, so I'm not sure if anyone has discussed this same issue already, but I don't want to look through this 32 page thread. I just tried Illustrator for the first time today after using Inkscape for a while. I like how simple it is to create curved paths to my liking in Inkscape, but in Illustrator is seems nearly impossible to get what I want. Specifically, I like to have a straight path with two "corner" endpoints, and then click somewhere on the line to curve it. Then I use the handles to adjust the curved line how I like it. But then when I shift over to Illustrator, I can't figure out how to do this seeminlgy simple task with the pen tool. I don't like to use "smooth" corners to manipulate a curve because they end up looking unnatural. Is there a way to simply grab a path with 2 sharp endpoints and curve it without putting an anchor in between them? Hopefully I phrased this question right, as it is a little hard to explain. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I really love this whole set. It's so consistent and well thought out. Great work, especially on the jerseys which flow really nicely IMO.
  8. allright so I've made a few minor changes, check the last picture I posted.
  9. Bump. any more feedback on this latest update?
  10. I see what you mean considering most NHL logos aren't horizontal. But then again, the Predators current logo is horizontal, and I don't think it looks too out of place (although I hate the logo itself)
  11. Ok so I fixed a few things here and I'm really happy with the results. Here's what I did: -Reworked the back of the head so that it would flow a little better and look less blocky. -Made the top teeth look a little more realistic -Lightened the dark blue outline a little -Made the eye look a little more fierce. -Removed a bit of detail around the ear area to get rid of the clutter. -Decided to use the top left color scheme from my last update.
  12. Actually it is navy blue, but maybe I can lighten it up a bit.
  13. Ok, here's an update: I basically scrapped the whole back of the head and started over, trying to make things flow a lot better. Let me know how I've done and what I can still improve on. I tried out a few different color combinations, so let me know if any of them look better than the previous one. The top left one definitely reminds me a little too much of the Panthers color scheme, although I think it works well anyway. Hopefully what I've done here is an improvement, and I'd really appreciate some more C&C.