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  1. M E L B Montreal Expos Expos Le Baseball (translation, Expos Baseball)
  2. That's because it's a Detroit Lions concept logo done by Matthiason/GhettoFarmBoy way back in 2009. It is also the FIRST image on Google when you search "Lion Concept Logo".
  3. You've misspelled "Concepts" on all of your Marquee Matchups. The overall appearance of these are great, but as someone else mentioned, there's too many upper arm designs in the whole series.
  4. I've always wanted to post in one of these threads, but I've never been able to find anything good at thrift stores, until today! Super random find given I live in Southern Ontario and was shopping at a used Children/Baby Clothes store. But, none the less, I found a Pittsburgh Pirates jersey with the tag still on it for $16! I'm a Jays fan but I couldn't pass this one up - my size too!
  5. Neither of those logos are concepts for the Senators... Top: Bottom:
  6. Not to play the role of police here, but this logo looks eerily similar to GFB's Anaheim Rebrand a few years back.