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  1. Out of any Sochi redesigns, this, I'll keep a close eye on. Every single one is on point.
  2. These look great! Pretty fresh and well designed. I just don't understand what's going on over the R in Vancouver Royals. I see a maple leaf, and then, soccerball? what's under that
  3. How about an attempt at Korea?
  4. Hello, Zurangatang. I know who you are.
  5. Both of these are fantastic, just YES Raysox, diggin' the red line to form the lower half, that works really well and the hint of green above it just pops. It just works. for me, i notice the banner around the logo pretty strong and i can't unsee a giant Z that wraps around it; embrace it or maybe touch it? And the bear stylized is really nice, and the only thing I notice would be that the 3 points on his chin feels a bit too much for me. It feels too regular like an inverted crown. Mcrosby, my jaw dropped when I saw the California. Most creative use and just eye-catching. Really sharp looking. I like the addition of the soccer ball, I'd like to imagine the bear just rolling it around ahahah I don't quite understand the gap between the ground where the bear is on and the banner. I can see it registers with the width of the brown outer border, but the bear and his land feels like it's floating. And I'm eagerly waiting to see what color scheme will show up; I'm not sure if you're going with brown, red, white? and gray? As an avid MLS viewer, anything along the lines of this will be picked up. Also, California Athletic sounds great.
  6. There's is UF Gators' classic, My preferred gator logo of choice http://c-product.images.fansedge.com/47-08/47-08529-Y.jpg
  7. http://imgur.com/k0lik,Eh0WP,2vsO4,UkIff,AhhDo Here are my takes on Sport Logo Maps. Everything except for NBA should be mostly accurate. MLB, NFL, MLS, NHL, NBA for you.
  8. Would love to see it ahahaha, it's not showing up/
  9. Raysox, I saw that logo, immediately went to vote and came back here only to realize that it would be you, Raysox, who would perfect it. Seriously, the time limit is dangerous, that logo won me over.
  10. Any chance you could post up the template for these? These look great. As well as your concepts, the modern takes are refreshing.
  11. MY FACE WHEN I saw this. Fantastic, BRAVA, perfect update to the one anomaly in the line of MLB caps. The ridiculous indian face needs to be retired finally and this is perfect.
  12. Anyone else find the design of those nba long sleeve tops terrible? The adidas tops with the asymmetrical stripes and a random patch of color? Couldn't they put just a bit of effort into the design? Admittedly, I know that no company puts too much thought into training tops but that shirt irks me to even look at. To see, go to 0:37 of the video. (Also, enjoy Jeremy Lin's Linsanity shot at the buzzer winning over the Raptops)
  13. Great Great Oregon Logo. Both are brilliant uses of the Ducks and Timbers.
  14. Just a thought, Germany doesn't like to choose any of its colors as a primary and I feel they are right to do so. The red might be good for a second or third, but maybe not for its primary. Think national soccer team colors in mind, that might help you along. Germany loves the white and its flag colors to accent the white. Rightly so, in my opinion.
  15. Looks good and nice looking concept, most people don't put thought or reasoning behind their kits and nice to see you did. I'm excited for this series and hope you'll finish out all the teams, would like to see all 20.