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  1. I have to agree. I have no idea what Rutgers was thinking. They look like a junior high team running around out there. Not even a good junior high team. They look like a junior high team at a primarily basketball school.
  2. I was playing ball the year the Kra-Lites came out, and they were the biggest pieces of crap I had ever seen. We had a player that had a head that required a special helmet and it came with those helmets. I think he broke two or three of them that year, and he didn't play much. The kicked was they were suppose to be indestructable. So I can't vote for the best, but those have a lock on the worst.
  3. I really haven't liked the sideline hats in a couple of years.
  4. Actually my dad bought some of the old tear away jerseys for the Arkansas Razorbacks the year after they outlawed them, and if I remember correctly, those did tuck in. I really think the length had something to do with just being cooler in a temperature since definitely not fashion. There were two lengths as a poster noted. They were not cut off. Socks I am sure are or were the same way. Now, with the new wicking material, there really is no excuse not to look identical. I know a lot of high schools are going to regulation. We see more and more companies actually sponsoring teams and all of this is part of the agreement.