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  1. I offered my design "skills" (I'm no pro, I just do it for fun) to my aunt who is a wedding/event planner (also just for fun). She wanted a more professional looking logo to place on her invites, cards, stationary, and other printed media. Her "company" is called Designs By Deirdre. She wants to incorporate a snowflake and she absolutely loves anything sparkling, shining, blinging, and most importantly elegant and high class. I feel great about the wordmark but I am stuck on the snowflake and how to make it sparkle with elegance. I put together a few different variations of this logo, as I am not particularly pleased with any one over another. Please C&C, I need some help!
  2. It only gets better.......

  3. My school (The Apprentice School) held a logo design contest for their Optional Advanced Salaried Programs department. I'm looking for some C&C on my entry. It's been a few weeks since the submission date, and while I haven't heard back on if my design was chosen, I also haven't seen another logo chosen. So in the mean time..... tell me what I can improve on.
  4. Looking for some C&C on this concept for the Ross Department Stores. I wanted to tackle this logo because their old logo is super outdated in my opinion. So let me know what you think.
  5. I attend an apprentice school that uses a really dated logo. Our colors are maroon and gold and we are known as The Builders. The current logo is on the left and my concept is on the right, what do you think?
  6. C&C Please. Still working on the font, but here's an alternate teal.
  7. That looks really cool. I think it adds more identity to the Colts. I understand that this version isn't finished yet but i think it looks a lil too cartoonish. But overall its a great idea.