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  1. You're obviously not from here. No one from this area would ever consider the newark path and nj transit part of the NYC transit system. But anyway - there's a difference between representing New York and acting like u actually play in New York city when you don't. The Giants, jets, and islanders all represent the New York metro area-- but none of them use specific New York city imagery as part of their branding. There's a difference.Sorry I should have been clearer, Harrison is part of the New York METROPOLITAN Area, as in centering around New York City, hence the name METROPOLITAN Football Club. Anyone who lives in Manhattan knows that the PATH makes stops between 33rd St. and Christopher Street in Manhattan, which I'm sure you're aware is in New York. You're pretty much proof that NYCFC fans are the trolls of MLS. I'm from Manhattan, and I'm a proud Red Bulls fan, you're obviously incredibly excited to jump on the MCFC bandwagon, so go right ahead, but don't forget that Metro/Red Bull has represented this city in MLS for two decades. In other news, I'm currently working on changes to the logo including an updated soccer ball, font, and positioning of the M on the crest. I hear you guys about Verdana. In terms of the soccer ball, I'm thinking about changing it to 3 panels a side to stay accurate with the inaugural MLS ball, but aesthetically and historically I think it's more accurate to stick to the "volleyball" format.
  2. NYCFC existing doesn't mean that Metro no longer represents New York, New York is where the fan base exists, and RBA is on the NYC transit system.
  3. For those of you wondering where the windmill/beaver/flour barrel icon comes from, it's the Seal of NYC. The soccer ball looks like a volleyball, because soccer balls used to look like volleyballs. If you look at the majority of Premier League/La Liga logos containing a soccer ball, it looks like a volleyball. (The original MLS game ball also looked like a volleyball). I feel that the M is important for a tie in to Metro history while staying original. The plain stripes evoke too much of a FCB, Newcastle, West Brom, AC Milan, Juventus vibe to me. Why does every team that wears stripes have to include stripes as a part of their logo? My best example is Inter Milan, classic logo, classic stripes which don't exist on the crest. I'm always futzing around with the logo, and I have taken a look at other shapes besides the roundel, but currently this is the most aesthetically appealing concept to my eye. That could change, this is an ongoing project.
  4. As a I'd have agreed if there would be a possible rivalry between MetroStars & Cosmos. But really, MLS is full of bull for trying to shove pre-manufactured rivalries down the fan's throats. Who :censored:ing cares about NYCFC despite bandwagon fans and american MCFC enthousiasts (which is a pleonasm). Same goes for the brand new Los Angeles FC they just announced to take Chivas' place. FFS MLS !! As a Red Bulls supporter I totally agree with you regarding NYCFC. Below is the updated crest w/ changes to the windmill. To answer your question about the colors and the retro M, here is the old logo. The M has been gaining traction recently in Metro supporters culture, so I thought it important to include in the crest. In terms of the colors, the old colors were Red and Black with a touch of gold, while the new colors have been Red and White with a touch of gold and a touch of blue. Red and Gold have been the continuous thread throughout Metro/Red Bulls history. The center of the crest remains red and white to acknowledge the Supporters Shield winning team of 2013, while the outer ring is Red and Black to reflect the original colors of the franchise.
  5. For those of you not familiar with the obscurities of New York soccer culture, there are three major teams in the city; a brand new, Americanized clone of Man City called NYCFC, the reincarnation of Pele's NASL franchise, the New York Cosmos, and the only current MLS franchise until 2015, the New York Red Bulls. The Red Bulls were formerly known as the MetroStars until 2006, when the team was purchased by Red Bull and rebranded. Supporters of the Red Bulls generally pine for the days of the MetroStars (when we had our own individual identity), fans still wear MetroStars apparel, and the lyrics of the supporters songs still contain the old team name "Metros". Whenever Red Bull sells the team, there will be an inevitable rebranding, hopefully in the vein of the old Metro moniker. I've done a rebrand of the team: now Metropolitan Football Club, the name evokes the MetroStars of the 90's without the 1990s flavor of a new Nike franchise. Below is the new logo:
  6. http://www.thecrew.com/news/2014/07/qa-midseason-report-crew-chairman-and-investor-operator-anthony-precourt Columbus crew will unveil rebrand in October:
  7. http://www.starsandstripesfc.com/usmnt-news/2014/2/19/5426526/us-soccer-crest-logo-design-contest Take a look!
  8. On the next matchday... 6/7/13 SUDAN faces elimination if: SUDAN loses to GHANA MACEDONIA faces elimination if: BELGIUM and CROATIA both win or tie. WALES will be unable to qualify directly if: BELGIUM or CROATIA win WALES will be eliminated if: BELGIUM and CROATIA both win. SERBIA will be unable to qualify directly if: SERBIA loses to BELGIUM and SCOTLAND defeats CROATIA OR SERBIA ties BELGIUM and CROATIA defeats SCOTLAND SERBIA will be eliminated if: BELGIUM and CROATIA both win.
  9. This is a thread where I will post about qualification and elimination in the Qualification tournament for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Posts will come the day before the Matchday. Here's the first post. On the next matchday... KENYA faces elimination IF: MALAWI defeats NAMIBIA AND NIGERIA defeats KENYA
  10. I decided to go with the ice blue instead of the blue/green color scheme because I think that it's more important that the game is being played in cold weather than it is in New York. Using the colors of the teams who play in the Super Bowl stadium isn't really a thing, and I think that that's just in case one team does happen to make it to the super bowl. Since the skyline motif has been done about million times for New York events, I decided I'd go in another direction.
  11. Hey guys, I recently entered this logo in a contest on Uni-Watch, a site with which I'm sure you guys are familiar. I wanted to hear feedback from this community since there are so many contestants on Uni-Watch that very few of the logos are getting comments. If you like the logo, it would be great if you guys would vote for me here: http://www.uni-watch...-logo/#comments Scroll up bit to find the poll. Here's the logo: The game is being played in MetLife Stadium, so the logo is meant to reflect the facade, while incorporating the fact that it will be the first cold weather outdoor Superbowl.
  12. The College of Arts and Sciences at NYU has a competition known as the Cohort Cup, in which groups of students compete by performing community service and other activities. While the activities are not necessarily athletic, I decided that my cohort needed an identity. By popular vote in the group, the selected name was the Gotham Knights. Here are the designs. Input is much appreciated as I'd like to develop the brand. Mascot is in process. Unveil poster: Primary Secondary Logos Cap Logos Wordmark
  13. Colorado has no reasoning behind their design except the fact that Green and Blue didn't work. If that's not plain Gothamite, I'd like to see your idea of plain.
  14. total rankings so far, plus a teaser for tomorrow's post 19. PHI 18. COL 17. MTL 16. SKC 15. FCD 14. RSL 13. SEA And, up next, 12. TOR
  15. I'm more of a Nike man myself, but I'd like to see each team choose their own sponsor, I feel like the chosen sponsor adds a lot to the identity of the team... Umbro is traditional, Nike is cutting edge, Adidas is top of the line, etc.
  16. 13. Seattle Sounders Rave Green is a color that shouts for attention by it's self, but adidas has decided that the kit doesn't get enough attention. For no apparent reason, adidas' tech-fit technology is reflective silver on this jersey. Maybe they thought that the fans were getting distracted and needed something shiny to attract their attention to the pitch. More likely, Adidas wanted to advertize their product on MLS' largest stage which is all well and good, except for the fact that it looks like crap. The template is bad in the first place (Can anyone explain that random blue stripe on Alvaro Fernandez's butt?), and the kit looks better as a whole when worn with the blue shorts. The away kit is almost never worn (had to do some serious digging to find an example), but the sports-bra thing looks a bit better than it does on the home kit. I know it's BFBS, but that isn't really a thing in MLS, so it's original in this case, the Sounders aren't just hopping on the bandwagon. The only team that seattle really clashes with in the league is Portland, and when they visit there, they like to wear their notoriously garish third jerseys: The above is actually last year's third, and is the better of the set. This year's alternate, right out of the hilighter box is just bad. No further explanation needed. Please never wear this again Seattle. Overall, this team is ranked as high as it is due to the Rave Green over Sounders Blue kit, which is an original and a staple of the MLS. It really doesn't need all of the silver doodads and random blue stripes, but that can be (kind of) overlooked if you see the kit as a whole. Seattle has created an identity in the league, and they don't need extra help from Adidas to maintain it.
  17. 14. Real Salt Lake RSL has a new kit this year, which has always rubbed me the wrong way. It seems at first glance to be an acceptable jersey, and at this point in the rankings the kits aren't quite bad per say, but mediocre. First of all, the jersey itsself seems outdated to me, the template reminiscent of Chelsea's template from 2007. Above is a picture of last years uniforms, and as you can see, the lopsided look is an evolution from the previous kit(note the gold line beginning at the crest and continuing to the bottom of the short) however this for me is a downgrade. The line on the shorts is what completes the old kit, and frankly the kit is boring without the continuation. This year it looks like someone had the good idea to continue the lopsided look on the jersey, but didn't take the entire kit into account, moving this kit down a couple of notches. The away kit suffers the same problem as the home kit, as once again it's just a color flip on the home. The set as a whole is hurt by the absence of a third kit which the team has donned in past years. Overall, RSL looks fine, but not great.
  18. 15. FC Dallas FC Dallas has long had one of the classic kit combinations in the league, wearing red an white hoops in a league that has a phobia of stripes. Last season's jerseys were boring, on a boring template. The fact that they couldn't pin down a jersey sponsor until halfway through this season didn't help the fact either, and Dallas went with a very American concept, emblazoning the name of the club across the front of the jersey like so: Someone at adidas realized that the team with the most potential for an original exciting jersey in the mls was falling behind on looks, and they made a change with this year's jersey: "stripes. we need more stripes." The home jersey isn't too terrible, although the extra stripes is kind of overkill. I like that they've incorporated the sponsor in a team color, and it finally looks like a real, smart jersey that belongs on a professional soccer team. Why then, you ask, is Dallas ranked 15/19 then? That's why. The away kit is an absolute train wreck. Somebody at Adidas decided over the summer that blue and grey on white is a good look. In the home jersey the blue sponsor on the red jersey works, but for some reason the red sponsor just doesn't. This jersey can't seem to decide whether it wants to be blue or white, with the underarm panels as blue, but the base under the shoulder stripes being white. There is absolutely no explanation for the grey sleeves or the grey collar, and the grey stripes are what happened when Adidas couldn't figure out how to repeat the worst part of the home jersey on the away jersey. On top of this, the goalie's sponsor should match everyone else's instead of keeping the home color. This away kit might just be the worst jersey in the entire league.
  19. 16. Sporting Kansas City This is another case of a great team dressing down. After receiving a major rebrand in 2011, the Kansas City Wizards became Sporting Kansas City, built a gorgeous soccer specific stadium at Livestrong Sporting Park, revamped the crest, and walked out on the field wearing that. The major design element of this jersey is that teensy weensy little line on the right in the above picture (you might have to squint a bit). It's supposed to represent the state line between Kansas and Missouri, but that's lost to anyone who: 1. Hasn't read up on SKC's rebrand 2. Doesn't live in Kansas or Missouri 3. Is more than 10 feet away. The two town collar is weird, and once again, like the Rapids, the team looks amateur without a sponsor. The away jersey isn't quite as bad. It's missing the collar that detracts from the first, and has a snappy sublimated repeating pattern across the front of the shirt, which unfortunately is even harder to see than the border pattern on the home. On that note, I have to say that the light stitching on the dark jersey does it for me (reminds me of their pre-sporting home jersey, one of the few to work on the template in my opinion), and this is a nice jersey overall. Unfortunately, the team almost never has the occasion to wear the away kit because very few teams in the league clash with SKC's sky blue.
  20. old posts have been updated with pictures, thanks for reading!
  21. 17. Montreal Impact This year's expansion side introduced a new crest as they transitioned to the MLS, and as a result, an Adidas kit sponsorship. The home jersey is rather blah, as the sublimated cross made of fleur-de-lis are barey visible when the jersey is actually in use: The sponsor is put first once again with this jersey, and red is used on the jersey. Montreal could have just as easily stuck with an all white BMO logo (A-la TFC) and the jersey would seem more unified and less washed out. The away kit, like many other clubs so far this season, is merely an inversion of the home kit, blue on white instead of white on blue, therefore presenting the exact same problems as the former.