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    Considering that two of the most successful Argentinian teams - River Plate and Boca Juniors - have such a different take on stars, at the very least I give MLS credit for having a consistent system. River Plate has won 12 Argentinian titles and wears no stars: While Boca has 31 stars INSIDE their badge for Argentinian titles, and 3 stars ABOVE their badge for Club World Cups: I don't think MLS is losing any credibility or acting like poseurs here...
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    EDIT: I was just about to post this, but you beat me to it:
  3. Second page in, and I was hoping one of the eagle-eyed members of the forum would catch this The Indians' throwbacks are wrong. The pants stripe is supposed to cut off at the waistline, leaving an exposed white area, whereas the pants they wore last night extend all the way up the waistline (which is how the 89-94 "racing stripe" uni pants extended). Photo for reference:
  4. Hey guys, check out this video that EA Sports posted over the weekend. At 0:05, 0:11 and 3:53 one of the players is wearing a jersey I have never seen before, in Jaguars colors. It could be a fashion jersey for all I know, but it does seem like an interesting find... http://insideblog.easports.com/archive/200...nt-wrap-up.aspx Edit: added the best screengrab I could find.
  5. I am pleasantly surprised by this...
  6. Newcastle away Man U away (edit: didn't see that this kit was already posted, consider these additional views)
  7. zjac7

    Madden 09

    For all of the frustrated Madden fans out there, the new producer, Phil Frazier, had a Q&A with fans on the EA boards. Here's an interesting quote: "Uniform Accuracy - There is one primary reason for our uniforms being innaccurate. We receive official style guides from the NFL each year that details the uniforms that the teams are supposed to wear. The problem is, the teams then ignore the style guides and mix and match their own combinations. This year, instead of using the NFL styleguides the team is using game footage to note which combos NFL teams actually wear. I'm confident we'll be MUCH more accurate this year. " http://forums.ea.com/mboards/thread.jspa?t...=0&tstart=0 In addition to that, take a look at this screenshot of Trent Cole. It looks like they've FINALLY customized the nameplates according to team:
  8. Interesting collar on that Holland shirt..
  9. This could very well be a fake, but possible Barca away shirt...
  10. Agreed on the Chivas kit.. check out how low the nameplate rests on the jersey. Any player who tucks his shirt in is bound to look nameless. And WTF is up with that collar?