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    Big Giants fan and love logos and jersey concepts. Also love my high school football team, the Hoosick Falls Panther. Go Blue.

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  1. Maybe this will work?
  2. I'll say nice upgrade, not 100% awesome, but it gets the job done and brings the panthers into the 21st century.
  3. Look at the post above, it has a new carolina panthers logo! It's hard to tell it but zoom in close and then compare it to the current logo. There is more blue on the face and the eyes and teeth are more simplified. Interesting... Beat me to it lol.
  4. For the NFL to make it 40 teams. I would do... Los Angeles Comets Portland Pioneers Utah Jacks (Represent Jack Rabbits or Lumberjacks not 100 on this name) Las Vegas Spades Oklahoma City Marshalls San Antonio Rebels/Outlaws/Vipers/Bandits (One of those four) Virginia Crushers (or I liked Navigators stated above) Toronto Cougars Solid Names and solid geography wise.
  5. maxweb81

    XLV Concept

    Thats a nice update. It flows really smoothly. Good Job
  6. Wow Great job! I Love how the alternate is out of the box. I cant wait till you do Maine
  7. Thats Amazing! All these concepts are great. If you are looking for another team I would think the Adirondack Red Wings or Ice Hawks could use some of your design greatness lol. Great Job!
  8. I dont mind the captain patch overall but does anyone know why the green dot are on the helmets ?
  9. The color scheme reminds of the Maine Black Bears football jersey's but I like the color scheme and the concept is overall preety just need a little more of something special idk what it is though.