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  1. actually black people stop wearing those brands about 5-7 years ago, rocawear sales are plummeting, jay-z him self hardly supports rw catch him wearing givenchy, rrl, purple label etc
  2. I think a lot people will notice because cam newton has one the best selling jerseys
  3. any word on the eagles making a change
  4. Will the ravens and dolphins keep their drop shadows? I don't think they'll look right on the pc template
  5. i think the dolphins will make a change, hopefully they get rid of those drop shadows
  6. But nobody would see those uniforms, because its the Pro Bowl and nobody watches the Pro Bowl. The pro bowl is the highest rated all star game
  7. giants haven't wore the red jersey in years
  8. fbiz

    Taking Requests

    Miami HEAT uniform concept
  9. fbiz

    NFL Parodies

    i like the pats one
  10. can i get the eagles with vick, mccoy, maclin, jackson, celek
  11. the logo and jersey is are nice but i would like to see some blue
  12. fbiz

    Philadelpha Eagles

    fix the striping on the pants and you got a winner