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    Band Sigs

    Any of these three would be an insta-sig: Queen Van Halen The Who Or if you're feeling goofy: Dschinghis Khan
  2. So, you folks got your predictions in for the Major League Bloodbath season? Gotta admit, I'm feeling kinda confident for the Toronto Roughriders this season, but we all know the Washington Generals are gonna make the World Series.
  3. Without steroids, or being thrown out of the game in the ninth? Ah, whatever. Kudos to Frank.
  4. It's technically not a one-page bump, so I'm gonna go ahead and post this. According to the National post (via TSN), Craig Leipold has a deal to sell the William DelBaggio for $50M less than Balsillie's deal. Ladies and gentlemen, your Kansas City Scouts. Woooohoooo.
  5. The logos came out especially well. Kudos!
  6. Let's not forget the two teams with Cupless droughts equivalent to the Maple Leafs - the Kings and Blues haven't won a Cup since their inception in 1967. Then again, at least those two made it to the Cup Finals since then. Sniff.
  7. Ottawa's doing what every Leafs fan is secretly wishing them to do - fail gallantly on a national stage. 2-0 Duckies after one. I'm pulling for them.
  8. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Watch - somehow, the Maple Leafs are gonna sign him to a large contract.
  9. Suigi


    Or celebrating Roy Halladay's 100th career win! GO YOU CRAZY JAYS.
  10. Go Ducks. I'd love to see an Anaheim vs. Ottawa final. That would be...creamed-jeans-worthy.
  11. I don't think RC still has them on his server, so I've uploaded 'em here: I've also taken the time to recolor the Anaheim and Buffalo masters to their new colours.
  12. shouldn't that '94 CanuckMan be red, yellow and black? Those sprites don't exist, DEAD. They didn't even have the whale back then, so it'd be a totally different robot master.
  13. Fair enough. I mean, at least the original franchise is acknowledged. Oh, and here's something I quickly whipped up with Roger Clemente's old NHL Robot Master sprites: Mod Edit I don't know about you Suigi, but I don't want a giant F-bomb in 20px font being dropped on my boards... thank you. Poster Edit Whoops! Sorry about that! Better idea: here's a text link! So go see it yerself!
  14. What sound? Congrats to the Senators for ending the longest non-cup final appearance draught in NHL history. Some of their fans, however, apparently still need much more growing up. That's only if we're considering the two Senators franchises as one and the same. They ain't. Technically, this Senators team's drought was 15 years. 1992 to now. The longest Cup Final drought belongs solely to the Toronto Maple Leafs, if I'm not mistaken.
  15. Well, the Curse of Harold Ballard (and I'm convinced it is one, now) has reached the 40-year mark. Anything that'll help get the Leafs closer to the Cup - without visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame nearby - will help the Nation.
  16. The same for the Toronto Not-Playing-Like-Craptors-Anymore.
  17. In the East: Buffalo, NJ, and Ottawa In the West: Calgary, Minnesota, Vancouver, and Nashville. (ANYONE BUT THE WINGS)
  18. At least now the Leafs and Canadiens fans can console themselves by uniting against their one common foe: The Ottawa Senators. Go book all the good golf courses in Ontario and Quebec, boys! Give 'em hell on the greens!
  19. Where do I send my money for the 2nd shirt?
  20. I want one to replace one of the feet on my Avs jersey. This is among the best logos CCSLC has created.
  21. Nothing short of brilliance, man. This thing is awesome.
  22. Sakai barely speaks English! And besides, isn't he retired now? It's Japanese chef Masaharu Morimoto that still toils away on Iron Chef America. However, I could imagine something vaguely Iron Chef-ish going on... Shinichiro Ohta: Fukui-san! Mike Emrick: ...who, me? Ohta: I've got some news from the Senators bench, it seems like they'll be going with four forwards on their next powerplay to try and jumpstart it. Mike Emrick: Thanks for the update. Ohta: Oh, and head coach Bryan Murray will be preparing six dishes tonight.
  23. Give back the Jets, then we'll talk. I can't even be bothered to talk about Strachan's verbal diarrhea.
  24. ...ah yes, to recognize the achievements of their first superstar, the Scandinavian sensation Erbsen Speisses. ...can't...stop...laughing...