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  1. Anyone know the font here?
  2. Thank you so much. You just saved me a ton of work
  3. Anyone know the font shown here?
  4. Anyone know what font Marquette uses for the names on their basketball jerseys?
  5. Always good to hear that customers have a good experience with us.
  6. They changed the way the numbers appear on the jerseys. They made them skinnier/smaller, I don't really know how to explain it. It wasn't a change for the better, though. They don't look clean on the jerseys. They're jaggy from what I've noticed while playing. Also, they are using the wrong font for the Predators. They're using the Thrashers font instead. The strings through the numbers are there and correct but the font is wrong.
  7. Thank you! No more vintage white unless it was actually there.
  8. lol this Haha I'll give you that one.
  9. I'm not going to fight anyone on this. I know it's not an art class. Creative designs don't have to be crazy. Small details can make something unique.
  10. That's what I'm saying. I love when teams go outside the box. There shouldn't be a line because that would eliminate people taking the design risks that they do. If a team wants pink and neon green as their colors that's their decision. There's nothing wrong with being different. There are too many teams that have the same color schemes because of fads. Yet too often when teams try to step a little out of the lines they get crucified for horrible decisions. The lines already exist. They are just completely different depending on who you ask.
  11. There shouldn't be a line. Why restrict creativity? Design is something that will never appeal to 100% of people. You cannot design something that every single person will like. For instance, a lot of people hated the Seahawks lime green jerseys but a lot of people loved them. Same with the Yankees jerseys. They're one of most timeless looks in all of sports. But just like everything else, some love them and some hate them. There can never be a line because that line would be different for every person you ask. It's all about personal taste.
  12. Which high school? if you don't mind me asking. My high school had the same initials and mascot.