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  1. SOLID! very nice, i am not fan of the color palette but i love the concept especially the angle.
  2. Definitely i don't like the ASICS work, worst Wallabies and Springbok uniform in years. The A logo is so invasive! bigger than de country shield and c-mon the SA Rugby logo have to be in chest, i don't know, may be top of the RWC patch The Fiji jersey is pretty nice.
  3. Very nice, love the PADRES font. I would like to see a uniform with the secondary logo, It was very good, you should use more
  4. very funny idea! age of empire hockey version jaja. fan of the spartan one.
  5. The truth has been spoken, except the 5th and 7th agree with everyone, especially! number 1
  6. Really nice works, the concept on the Chargers - Chiefs - Jaguars - Baltimore - Jets helmets are very interesting. Now, Bucs fan here, would you do it with the old bucs logo? please, i mean the real one you know (97-13 logo)
  7. Looks more Cowboys with metal blue, I hope when you launch the Buccaneers uni still see the original pewter, not that new dark grey. It's the essence of this two teams and should never change.