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  1. A leaked image has appeared on a Nebraska message board of the Huskers new alt.
  2. Also that may be hints of the logo under the header "Don't miss out"
  3. What in the hell kind of creature is that supposed to be on that gold helmet? look at the logo on his pants... It looks like a horizontal Lions logo. That is exactly what it is. That is Aquinas High. If I remember correctly they are the Monarchs. So I guess the Lion's logo works.
  4. It all comes from Kwik Shop. It's a convenience store chain in KS, IA, and NE.Sometime Kroger acquired the ownership of Dillion's in the 80's which owned Kwik Shop. In the early 2000's Kwik Shop changed their logo to the one you now see with the different store names. That font was also part of that re brand. I know the original Kroger fuel stations used the grocery store logo. My guess is how cooperations that grow through acquisition. They just pick pocketed brands and logos from other subsidiaries to "stream line" or brand different divisions. Much like the Continental and United merger. Take logo from here, then some font from here and boom instant branding.
  5. I wish they'd go back to the helmets too. It would always be two helmets (one with the helmet logo and one with the conference logo). The endzone would always be the team color that wasn't used on the helmet. In the 80's I always wondered what they would do if the Jets made it to the Super Bowl. A white enzone? My favorite part is that the matrix screen in the upper left is telling the crowd to get ready for "card stunt"
  6. Now that's saying something considering that when I went to EP, 98-02, we had a terrible football team. When I heard from some buddies down there that they were in state playoffs it blew my mind. I think they one like 4 games the entire time I was in school.
  7. Nebraska opened fall camp today and have not joined in the stripe club. http://www.huskers.com/PhotoAlbum.dbml?ATC...p;PALBID=340450
  8. I too would be just fine with keeping the one we have now. They all are pretty poor attempts. For sure they are not an upgrade. So it's just pick the lesser of the evils. But, the may be better than the yellow/orange/red things we had before.
  9. Just found this today. It looks like I'm getting a new plate in 2011. https://www.nebraska.gov/survey/licenseplat...ntestsurvey.php The first option with the state bird and flower is attractive, but I don't like the font on Nebraska. The second is well plain. A gradient and Nebraska in two fonts, very underwhelming. The third, my pick, is simple as well. But, I have always loved the capitol building. The font again is basic, which is my biggest beef with it. I would have liked to see this design with the current Nebraska that is on our plates. http://www.flickr.com/photos/38136764@N08/3501244041/ The fourth takes the second and third's negatives and rolls them into one. Which one will you vote for?
  10. With you getting rid of the maroon. I think the four colors left work really well with the secondary logo. For me I think with the colors used that would work really nice as the primary logo. I also love the stripping pattern and think its a great look for them. Hey and its "Blueland", so no maroon works out well.
  11. I would love to see some more Big 12 schools....ie Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma
  12. I know Florida State has an exact order to which the equipment managers place the stickers on.
  13. Colorado is not new to having an artificial surface. From 1971 till 1999 the field went through three different installations of types of astro-turf. With Hawkins now the coach ("Smurf-turf" Boise State's former coach) I could see why they may toy with the idea of changing back to artificial turf.
  14. While I agree that the 70's version has pretty much lost all of the old charm. Yet I think that the new designs for the third coming of Yankee Stadium are great. Yes it will be a retro stadium but, its not a whole new design. It is going to appear much like the first version and restore much of the old features. Basically it will have a more original looking shell with a seating structure that is a modern version of the 70's stadium. I think it's going to be awesome but that's my opinion.
  15. True that most of the new ballparks do use brick and stell. But, the bricks vary in color, size and most importantly in layout pattern. The steel is also used in a variety of ways. If using brick and steel is cookie cutter than, except for the concrete multi-purpose stadiums of the 60s and 70s all ballparks are cookie cutter. Ebbets, Wrigley, Fenway, Comisky, Shibe, and so on.
  16. They have wore a few different vests and jerseys the last few years. Last year instead of the big N, they wore ones with the script huskers through the N. The picture shows the some of the uniforms from last season. They also wore a red and white striped sock. A few years back they also had pinstriped home jerseys. All have been just basic variations on one another. One jesey a year seems to get altered. I havent figured out why, I think they just have a lot of options and a few and then switch for a change.
  17. Yeah they do use some other logos for tourism and other things but here is the official seal and flag of Omaha.
  18. I was going to also say that I dont think black is the way to go in whatever way you rework the colors in the logo.
  19. I really like the one with the added white. You said you wanted to keep with the two color scheme. Yet, I think just the added white isn't like adding a third color. Just an accent. I mean home basketball uniforms are white, then you add the school's colors. So a little white on the logo is fine.
  20. The stripes represent the four Stanely Cups the teams has won 80-81-82-83.