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  1. ns80

    Seattle Sea Lions

    Completely awesome! I love Northwest Tribal Art.
  2. The Jackets definitely need some new uniforms for 2012-13. Guess you could say a complete overhaul. A new look, and hopefully a new style of playing.
  3. Really dig the green/orange Ducks concept.
  4. What? This is a concept series. They are going to black helmets this year.
  5. This would make too much sense though for Columbus to go along with a nice concept like this.
  6. Really love the look of Tebow in a Jets jersey. Glad he is out of Denver! Anyway to get Peyton in an 80's style Broncos uni? That would look sweet.
  7. Heck with the kepi recolor logo. That would look nice on a white, navy, or powder blue jersey.
  8. Agreed this is what look the team needs. They need to steer away from the current Ranger-like scheme.
  9. Thing is though he probably isn't going to be wearing #18. It's retired for Tripucka. Although I'm a huge Jake Plummer fan, #16 is more fitting.
  10. Can we get an Alex Smith or Tim Tebow Miami concept? Seems to me that the winner in this contest's current QB will be a Dolphin. At least that's my thoughts. As for the Titans, just don't see why they are even pursuing him. Hasselbeck didn't do that bad last year and Locker is the future.
  11. Nice rebrand. The Jackets gotta do something. First and foremost they should have never been called the Blue Jackets. There isn't much you can do with the name period. The market is on this team already has the Sabres and Capitals to limit the capability.
  12. Wonder how recognizable that Panthers helmet is going to be on TV? Pretty cool they went to black. Never was a fan of the silver helmets.
  13. Wow the front page of this site actually ripped off your thread and done a horrible job of it...
  14. If Manning goes to Denver, I'd bet anything Tebow goes to either Jacksonville or Miami.
  15. Really hoping the Bengals get new jerseys. Never have been a fan of the stuff they have now. Hopefully those unis along with Arizona's are gone soon.