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  1. The Jacksonville Chamber just posted this on Twitter Which is the old font. Is this font just sticking around for a wordmark/marketing?
  2. What is the newest NBA jersey with number outlines? Clippers in 2010? Edit: Pelicans in 2013 I think is the newest.
  3. He went on to fix this. My bad. Johnson said #Jaguars unveil new unis April 23 and AT the draft, not "after." #Jaguars #IABCFirstCoast
  4. So should we assume it is just the logo and not the jerseys?
  5. Jags have worn their new practice jerseys. This past weekend was just rookie mini camp/work out players. I assume they just used the old stuff since most of those players didn't stick around. Notice the NFL equipment logo still lives.
  6. A 3rd Jags fan? Miracles do happen!! A final tweet from Jags equipment manager Drew Hampton. "RT @Adepofi: @JagsEquipment so the Jaguars are bringing back the black jersey this season and next season they will have new jerseys ? Yes" So this year will be like a 1 year run with a black alt apparently? https://twitter.com/#!/JagsEquipment/status/162255440305061888
  7. First pic of a shoulder patch? http://lockerz.com/s/137173250 I am going to assume this is a league wide thing?
  8. Accord to the Jags equipment manager they are going all white this week. "@JagsEquipment Drew Hampton RT @eddiegrahamjr: @JagsEquipment @JagsEventsJB @Lovemyjags white pants? The Jaguars will wear White Jersey & White Pants vs the Titans."
  9. Looks like the Jags have moved to the newer cut of jersey Looks like they have the same issues with the Reebok logo as the Giants.
  10. I was watching in HD and could not tell a difference between the two teams. The best chance I had was to try and see pant color since the gray and white looked so similar. I can't imagine watching this in SD.
  11. Seen on Twitter MYsportsphotog http://twitpic.com/7snxi - Also seen in todays screen are Seattle's new uniforms, our new field turf, and our new 4:15 lighting. The link is now dead, but is it referring to the green alts? Anyone see this before the link died?
  12. The new Madden on PS3/Xbox 360 have never done this which makes me think this is a real deal 3rd jersey.