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  1. #Jaguars VP-Sales Chad Johnson: Jags will unveil new uniforms following NFL Draft later this month. "

    #Jaguars Johnson: New uniforms will be mostly black w/gold and teal accent, but teal unis will return on occasions.

    He went on to fix this.

    My bad. Johnson said #Jaguars unveil new unis April 23 and AT the draft, not "after." #Jaguars #IABCFirstCoast

  2. 20120420-evans.jpg


    Jags have worn their new practice jerseys. This past weekend was just rookie mini camp/work out players. I assume they just used the old stuff since most of those players didn't stick around.

    Notice the NFL equipment logo still lives.

  3. Was I the only one that could tell the difference fairly easily? Maybe it was b/c I was watching on HD...

    I was watching in HD and could not tell a difference between the two teams. The best chance I had was to try and see pant color since the gray and white looked so similar. I can't imagine watching this in SD.

  4. Don't know if this belongs here but I just read that in Madden 10 players will be able to specifically choose a helmet, jersey, and pants. So now you can mix and match like NFL teams do. You can also mix current uniforms with throwbacks. There will be a screen that shows the jerseys so you can see what it looks like before you select it. To me this is huge news because Madden never had all the different jersey combos and now they do. You can also do interesting designs like put the Titans light blue jerseys with white pants, or the Broncos white jersey with blue pants. Should be a great feature for uniform obsessed people like us.


    Info is in the last paragraph and it was confirmed by some community testers on the Operation Sports forums.


    I just jizzed in my pants

    I second this.

    I've been dying for this feature since they started letting us pick the jerseys

  5. So this was on the new Madden:


    Pretty decent if true.

    By the way, if you look at my avitar I created this version of the logo a couple of years ago...I'm just sayin.

    If you read the blog post they said that they made a mistake with the Dolphins logo and they will be fixing it.

  6. Something I think a lot of us are looking over is that it's quite possible that Teal is this "relegated color". As it is it only appears on the helmet as the Jag's tongue. I know we are all hoping one of the jerseys is Teal, but has that been made definite yet? All I heard to be definite is same Black helmet, White road jerseys with Black numbers, and Black pants. It is more than possible that the jerseys are mostly Black and White with Gold trim while the Teal tongue is all that we see of the Teal. Think about their helmet, you barely notice the Teal. What sense would it make to have Gold very prominent on the helmet, then not appear in the uniform? My bet right now is that Teal has been relegated.

    If I recall correctly, a while ago, both CW and AsM stated that these "new" uniforms would emphasize teal much more.

    I holding out hope that the road jerseys have teal numbers to emphasize the teal. They look too much like the Ravens right now.

  7. dennisbergan is a raving lunatic who struggles with constructing sentences, but he's right about those old Falcons jerseys. Man, were those dull. They're certainly allowed to try being modern.

    For a raving lunatic (a label that I'm not going to dispute or endorse) I happen to agree with 90% of his opinions. Seems like people see the name and go on the attack without actually considering the point of the post.

    I do as well, for what it's worth.

    I think too many people on this board want the entire NFL to look like they did in 1965 - everyone uses varsity block lettering, two color unis (plus White), and some sort of variation of Northwestern striping on the sleeves. Oh - and they should all wear elbow-length sleeves as well. Regardless of the practicality of that. And...striped socks. Gray masks.

    Now, I'm no fan of some of the current trends...I tend to hate the "leotard" look so prevalent these days, and I'm not really a fan of overly designed unis - excessive piping, side panels, etc. But I do like designs that move forward but still keep SOME of the elements that made the overall look popular in the first place.

    Which is why I like the new Lions' unis so much.

    The new Jags' unis? Jury's still out for me. These are not traditional uniforms, but they're not excessively over-designed either. They certainly won't resemble any other team in the NFL...and no, they DON'T look like the Pats.

    And now I'm even more intrigued by these new unis. Hopefully we are not the Oregon Ducks of the NFL.

  8. Okay then. Is that a black facemask, or just poor picture quality? And does the rest of the numeral font bear as uncomfortable a resemblance to the Eagles'?

    Looks like the Jags (old?) font to me.

    Hopefully it's original, though.

    I definitely think so. I would like to see a side by side though.