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  1. The Niners are changing uniforms. They didn't say anything about changing the logos. But, is it me, or does the red seem closer to the throwback red than the current darker garnett red? I was thinking they were changing logos too, going back to the old logo. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I agree that the red does look lighter.
  2. No changes. When the Jags and Lions has changed. Odd....
  3. I was literally just coming here to post the same thing.
  4. I can see the identity crisis issue. When I was watching the Ravens in the playoffs from a distance they looked just like the Jags road jersey combo or vice versa.
  5. I just noticed that the Jags, Lions and 49ers jerseys all went down to $50 today on the NFL Shop. Interesing....
  6. No delay on the Jags hat shipment. So they are not changing their colors.
  7. Just saw it Where at? I heard Paul Lucas has confirmed it but nothing from the organization.
  8. With the 49ers announcement and the Lions somewhat of an announcement. Hopefully the Jags break some news of their own shortly.
  9. The Teal's not changing. Good... hopefully there'll just be more of it. We are 100% sure the Jags are changing? I am glad the teal isn't changing. Well, maybe not 100% sure, but it does help if you try to dsecipher Colorwerx's cryptic comments. He says "no" to the teal changing, "no" to the two tone helmet... but not just a overall "no". Hmmmm... It was confirmed on UW that they're changing... unless Paul got that from this board! Yea the helmet comment I think has cemented that the Jags are changing. I just hate having to wait until April (hopefully) for the reveal.
  10. The Teal's not changing. Good... hopefully there'll just be more of it. We are 100% sure the Jags are changing? I am glad the teal isn't changing.
  11. I'm a big fan of that concept. I love the slightly darker teal and the use of the swiping Jag on the sleeve. I really hope they just don't add meaningless piping all over which seems to be the current trend.
  12. How many times have the Cavs even worn their wine jerseys this year? I can't think I've seen them in them.
  13. I hate the fox scoreboard at the very top there is a little bit of just plain black that make the picture feel compressed. I didn't notice it until I got my new tv last month and I can't stand it.
  14. I noticed it too. It's probably because he's running out of Buffalo. But he's running towards Canada, so I don't know why he'd be happy. I guess I can relate since I ran to Raleigh. The first logo I can relate to?
  15. Why does it look like the Bison is smiling? Or is it just me?
  16. It looks like they screwed up on both 2k9 and 09 so I wonder if it was a last minute change to darken the blue plus add the vertical piping which is missing from 09 and looks like its missing from 2k9.
  17. Least favorites would be the Broncos and the Redskins Favorites overall would be the Jags and Chargers
  18. Well, in "Battle Red," they've now won twice, and convincingly. They keep this up and they might start to believe that this "Battle Red" look has good luck in it like that other Texas NFL team. Personaly, the Battle Red isnt bad....it would just look better with blue socks. They're 7-2 overall in the red jerseys, 2-0 in head-to-toe red. The only 2 losses came in the year they went 2-14. The Battle Red is a nice gimmick they like to use once a year. One of the Jacksonville players got angry about it a couple of years ago, likening Battle Red Day to the equivalent of a Homecoming game, and that Jacksonville was being disrespected (Houston has worn red in the home game against Jacksonville every year for the last 5 years). Houston is 4-1 in those games, so whatever works. But at least 2 of those games again the Jags were late in the season with the Jags scrubs in. So that helps bump up the record
  19. Didn't Hawaii have an old logo with the state and the old rainbow logo?
  20. Huh? It would be the Knicks obviously. I think he was commenting on how similar the jerseys look. Oh. Even so, the pic shows the jerseys as saying New York, so even if it was a joke, it went over my head. =/ Hi, I'm earth, have we met? No I don't think so
  21. Even though I am bias, I really feel that the Jags home look of the teal jerseys and white pants are one of the best combos in the NFL
  22. That was like the old end zone design when they had Jacksonville in one end zone and Jaguars in the other. Also it looked like the midfield logo had a little thicker outline to it, also probably due to the previous day.
  23. That's how we did it when I worked at a ice rink. We didn't have any logos or anything but the lines were made out of a tissue paper like paper.
  24. I'm wondering the same thing myself I was wondering why in Buffalo they would call it soda when the true name is pop. (Which is what most Buffalo people call it)
  25. I don't believe the Jags are wearing the black this year. I think they are wearing teal all year at home.