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  1. I liked the new look. Something different than the usual main logo at mid field and team script in the end zones.
  2. I also would like a PM if this code is legit. Please and thank you
  3. The Jags in the past have actually put JAGS on each individual strip of padding on the back of those helmets. I thought that was creative. I see if I can get a pic.
  4. They will not be wearing the black this year. And last year I think they only wore the white at home once.
  5. I believe that the Jags dropped there black jerseys this year. I could be wrong though.
  6. Alfred State Alum here . I voted for the #2 as well. First logo was a bit too busy. Maybe it was the rough sketch of it
  7. Anyone notice in the background of the Mcfadden taking a picture... picture the Titans pick has the light blue alt. jersey as the one he wore. As you can see in the background. I think this has been brought up recently but are the Titans making this the home jersey now?
  8. Could you do a Jacksonville Jaguars one? I'm pretty sure I didn't see one
  9. I have always loved the shade of blue that the Avs use yet they never use it much.
  10. The Jags usually wear their all whites at home in Sept.
  11. I think I have figured this out somehow EA has managed to flip the stripes on the pants around as in the gold pants are missing stripes and the black pants have the stripe. EA is full of morons apparently when they had everything right for the Saints pants last year I believe.
  12. EA has said the alts should come out earlier this year. So I guess we will get them in November this year.
  13. I can't believe they keep making that error seeing that those pants didn't even exist when the next gen version of 06 came out for 360.
  14. O yea I know EA does not have the best track record for these things since the Jags pants are not right in the 360 version but they were right in last years on 360 so no way they would change them to screw them up. (I would hope)
  15. I was watching the Microsoft e3 press conference and they played Madden on stage and it appeared that the Saints pants had a gold stripe going down the side. I'll look for a better pic but this is all I got so far if you look close you can kinda tell. anyone have any info?
  16. Do the new numbers look small to anyone else?
  17. You went to Bonas? I worked there this past semester. Small world. Anyways yes a school like Bonas could definitely not afford multiple courts.
  18. yes it is for the fans. they have been selling shirts and whatnot for the fans. I highly doubt we will be seeing the premier of the teal pants. I hope.....
  19. my gf attends cortland. Cortica is good times. I'll be attending.
  20. No alts for 360. they will have them for download. Also the Jags black pants are wrong. They have the teal strip going down the side. How they could screw this up is beyond me seeing that this set didnt exist in 360's lifetime.
  21. Maybe this indicates that the Saints are going to wear their gold alts, which they wore once in 2003 against the Vikings who wore purple. or are the saints going to wear their whites at home this year. I believe they did this the season after they won their first (and only) playoff game.
  22. I think I can assume you mean Super Bowl XLII I hope we are not going back 20 years then the Jags won't exist
  23. I downloaded a video for Madden on markteplace last night and it appears that they showed renders of the Packers and Bears '94 throwback jerseys once. Does this mean we will get throwbacks this year? I hope so and especially with the 94 throwbacks like in 2k would be great
  24. they always were the red vs. the jags
  25. Are there any cheat codes to unlock them? there is no way to unlock the jerseys (yet). but it is assumed we will be buying them on marketplace and it sucks. I won't buy them but for madden I prob will.