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  1. cmbuk

    CFL 2019

    Montreal unveils it’s new uniforms feb 1st
  2. I really like the addition of the blue pants... i think you have also pretty much covered exactly what the new Montreal template is going to end up looking like.. i like the design the logo took a few seconds to adjust to but it’s def original...
  3. Really looking forward to the eskimos set.. love everything about that Hamilton uni except the oversize helmet logo...
  4. Can’t go wrong with the boat... and im a big fan of the Columbia blue pants!
  5. Winner... Much better than the previous alt..
  6. I can tell u right now... as an eskimo fan, I absolutely love, LOVE the return of the white face mask! Beautiful!!! The home is absolutely perfect I’m a fan of removing the drop shadow on the numbers. The return to the classic sleeve stripe, awesome ..,except for 1 element, we have to have yellow numbers on the home, it’s what makes us US... big fan of the alt, I think it’s the lid that seals it but honestly I would have no issues with the alt jersey as the home either it’s that good.. The road u nailed this..... flawless best eskimos road uni I’ve seen I’d buy this today.. I would like a pair of green pants in there to but I’m more than happy with the concept imho Edmonton is 1 ( with the number colour switch on the home ) ottawa is 2 sask is 3 ( I love the wheat aspects used )
  7. Red and silver is a great look for the stamps... u don’t see it much as they were not very successful during that era but that home and road is perfect.. traditional and fluid For the alt I’d honestly go with the Garcia era style alts... red numbers on the black jerseys... Also, always wanted to see em do the cross guns on the helmets .....
  8. Ottawa is REALLY good.. best one yet
  9. A return to the silver is welcome in my eyes.... i personally would love to see a concept where Montreal move away from the 3 coloured panels on the jerseys and have a modern ( or maybe not ) version of the mike Pringle / Tracy ham era alouettes, i think if you stick with white helmets u should def go with the wings on the helmet and a predominant red jersey...
  10. Def a retro feel about the bc unis.. I was never sold on the white and orange that the sported for a long period, but it’s clean, and their alt is very similar to their home jersey 2004 era, for me I love the road uniform and it’s black lid ... I would build a whole uni around that set, ( for some reason tinypic won’t let me upload ) but the 2010 throwbacks Reebok did would be a nice home look to complement that road... black / orange/ black is an amazing colour way.....
  11. Ill be honest I actually think the current argos look is spot on... so gonna be tough to top that imho i think the Home sleeve stripes lack some white.... thats my my only gripe really .. that and I actually like the Argo A shield on the helmet over Jason..
  12. Absolutely love the format/ template your using.. love the jerseys all 3 tbh, I don’t think the 2011-2015 jersey wordmark is needed there something similar to what u did on the road ( same as they wear now ) would suffice... I love the 3rd jersey.. the cat heads on the shoulders bark back to the old cats jerseys of the 2000’s.. I love that because of the traditional nature of the jersey stripe, I like to see similar on the pants.. this is great I really like what u did with these and the flow nicely... as pointed out I think the cats are prob one of 3 teams who don’t need messing with much but I cant wait to see now how you attack the other eight teams...
  13. Fantastic work on the bombers... Very reminiscent of their 80's look which is there preferred look these days Might have liked a white pant option for the roads just to have a complement All these are great and very traditional Can't wait to see my Eskimos
  14. Think the rider fan base would be happy with these. They seem to love the throwbacks when they come out, this is right up that street. I personally don't like the green mask on the white lids but this is prob what they should be wearing in 2016
  15. Some of us are really interested in your upcoming concepts djruggs! Keep em coming dude