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  1. Not sure about the number (number of inversions is my best guess) but Harris is a reference to Neil Patrick Harris, who did voiceover work for all the promos/safety procedures/etc. for the California Screamin' ride.
  2. I know you said you hate them, and admittedly they are ugly, but you gotta bring back the red pants for Cuba in the next tourney. Without a doubt the most unique and well known aspect of their identity. That said can't wait for the next set!
  3. The Native American influenced logo would look real nice on a plain grey or black t-shirtIt should have been at center court.
  4. USA Football is the national governing body and the national teams' unis are fairly bland when you look at them. Especially their helmets. Using the logo from our WBC team would liven them up quickly but you'd need to use a blue or red helmet.Germany's American football program is further along than most people think, having two major organizations leading the effort. Overlooking them would be a big mistake. IIRC the IOC doesn't allow federation logos on Olympic uniforms, a rule they began to strictly enforce in 2010 with the Vancouver games. That's why the US and Canadian hockey teams dropped the waving USA logo and the maple leaf skater silhouette. The WBC logo would be fine, but personally I wouldn't be able to get past the thought of seeing a baseball logo on a football uni.
  5. You are not a Detroiter. You're not even a Romeo-ite. You are an Almontian. Almont didn't even make the list because this wasn't a list of the most inbred citizens. Go away. So wait only people from Detroit can have a say in this? Yeah that's a good one No, he's just not contributing to the thread, and neither are you, for that matter. ESPN also just named Dallas-Fort Worth the best sports city over Chicago. It's ridiculous. One NBA title and a botched Super Bowl, and they are the best sports city in America. Ludicrous.
  6. does anyone else think of Aquafresh toothpaste when they see this logo, or is it just me?
  7. Good constructive criticism, . I happen to watch baseball a lot, I just don't pay attention to such things. I really don't want to add any fuel to the fire here, but I think if you are going to make concepts, you better start paying attention to such things. Anyway, I'm no expert, but here's what I think: 1. Stockings was shortened to Sox for a reason. It's just too wordy. 2. For some reason, you have three different fonts in here (and two in the primary alone). Gonna have to simplify that. 3. All three of these jerseys seem to be straight out of the 70's, go with a more modern template. 4. Ditch the drop shadow on the road uni, go with a simple outline instead. 5. Lose the striping at the top of the sock. It can work in football, but no so much in baseball (not like that anyway). 6. Not crazy about the cap logo. It worked well with the red, white, and blue scheme, but I'm not feeling it in black and white. Maybe adding a grey outline will help, but I'd consider something new. 7. I actually really like your primary, but it needs cleaned up quite a bit (and fix the font issue, of course). I'd start with that. Hopefully it helps.
  8. What it feels like is unprofessional as hell. I can't get through a White Sox broadcast without having an aneurysm because of Hawk's calls. Hater. Hawk Harrelson is the best announcer in the business. Oh good god. Like calling the Sox the Good Guys really hurts the other teams feelings...
  9. I've always liked Ken Harrelson's "Good Guys" for the ChiSox (there's that too I guess). Yeah, it's simple and rather generic, but it just feels right.
  10. somehow i think these will look a little less appealing on the likes of Markakis or Guerrero.
  11. This has really been an awesome concept thus far, but I have to admit that there has been one thing that has kind of irked me right from the beginning, and unfortunately it has to do with your trademark striping. I know you have been selling this as an Aztec pattern, but whenever I see it, especially in hues of blue and gold, I immediately think Greek. Maybe it's just me, but from the very beginning with your university logo, I felt that it didn't fit at all. It's something I would much more expect to see on a team called the Spartans, etc. Other than that I'd say sharpen up your Coyote logo a tad, so it looks a little less cartoony, and, yeah, I could definitely see this in the NCAA.