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  1. Day thirty one. Seattle Supersonics Went for a retro throwback inspired by these 1967 Sonics jerseys for something a little different. The script wordmark is a little rough, but finding a high quality copy of it seemed near impossible. That said the roughness kind of suits the throwback. And with that ‘may madness’ is done, 31 concepts in 31 days.
  2. Day thirty. Washington Wizards. I’ve used these “wonderful” mid-2000s gold alternate jerseys as the inspiration for my Wizards concept. Also managed to make it all the way to day 30 before I ended up with a concept with mis-matched jersey and shorts – and even then it’s only because that’s what the old gold set had. One day to go.
  3. Day twenty nine. Utah Jazz I actually kinda like – sleeves aside – the new warmup-shirt inspired alt that the Jazz recently unveiled. I started out just doing a white, sleeveless, version of that new alt jersey, but felt I should try something else… Not entirely sure I like the final result, but it is what it is. Overlapping the logo and number with the stripes was probably a bit much, and does make it a bit “top heavy”. In truth, I probably should have stuck with my original idea and just done a straight white version of the new alt instead. Oh well.
  4. Day twenty eight. Toronto Raptors While the Raptors current brand is passable, it is a little bland – there is sufficient evidence at hand that suggests this is directly related to letting rappers screw around with your branding… *cough* Brooklyn *cough*. A splash of purple from the Raptors original palette sorts some of that ‘blandness’ out. I played around with the idea of some jagged pinstripes inspired by their original away jerseys, but it made everything a little busy, so I took them back out again.
  5. Day twenty seven. San Antonio Spurs This one has a little bit of everything, it’s a grey jersey (something they’ve currently got, but that isn’t that great), the ‘Los Spurs’ Noches éne•bé•a jersey wordmark, and the ‘Fiesta colours’ from their 90’s logo (seemed like a good combo with ‘Los Spurs’).
  6. Day twenty six. Sacramento Kings Cheated with this one a little by using the Kings concepts I posted last month as the base and just tweaking a few things. The colour scheme has been updated to the now official ‘Royal Purple’ and ‘Granite’ (think I still prefer the baby blue and deep purple from my previous concepts). I’ve also switched to ‘Kings’ instead of ‘SAC’ on the jersey, even though it looks like they’ll probably end up with ‘SAC’ on at least one of their new jerseys.
  7. Day twenty five. Portland Trail Blazers For the Blazers I’ve used their old wordmark as it’s got a little more personality than their current one, and added some simple side striping on the jersey and shorts that draws inspiration from their logo.
  8. Day twenty four. Phoenix Suns A little unsure if I’m happy with this one or not, wanted to to incorporate elements of their 90s jerseys without doing a straight replica. Ended up with an asymmetrical jersey to go along with the asymmetrical shorts from the 90s set.
  9. Day twenty three. Philadelphia 76ers Not a whole lot of thought behind this one, I just *really* like this secondary logo and wanted to see it on a jersey. I guess it has a bit of a 90’s feel to it, but they could probably still get away with it now.
  10. Day twenty two. Orlando Magic The Magic (unlike the Rockets, Celtics and Bulls) are a team that I believe can actually get away with having a grey jersey in their rotation. I’ve changed things slightly from the grey alternate that they currently wear, the sleeves are gone, the grey is maybe a touch darker and I switched the wordmark and number to white with blue outline. I’ve also gone back to the tighter pin stripes, and stars on the shorts like the original Magic uniforms.
  11. Day twenty one. Oklahoma City Thunder Make no mistake, the Thunder have the worst identity in the NBA. Hands down. No contest. Hideously generic primary logo, with nothing ‘thundery’ about it. Zero secondary logos, too many colours. Even the team itself doesn’t seem to be a massive fan of their current jerseys given how little they’ve worn them during the playoff with almost all games being played in their (also awful) white sleeved jersey and their (ok) all-navy-vertical-wordmark jersey. Hopefully they’ll be on the receiving end of new logos and jerseys when the league-wide Nike contract kicks in, because hot damn do they need it. If I were Durant I’d leave during the off-season solely because of their branding. Ok, enough complaining, what have I done about it. I started with their orange alternates (which I like, even though I know not everyone does), originally I was just going to do a straight invert, navy jersey with orange trim, but it felt too dark, so I switched the ‘OKC’ and numbers to be white, and added white side panels and trim. Shorts are based on those worn with their navy alternates, with a vertical wordmark on one leg, and a simplified (less colours, no random swoosh lines) version of their current logo on the other.
  12. Day twenty New York Knicks Tried something a little different for the Knicks making use of one of their secondary logos. I think I like how it turned out, only concern is that it might look a bit too much like a practice jersey.
  13. Day nineteen. New Orleans Pelicans Nothing wild or crazy for the New Orleans, all I really wanted was a basic white home jersey featuring ‘Pelicans’ across the front instead of ‘New Orleans’. Also included a little more red than their current home jersey features.
  14. Day eighteen. Minnesota Timberwolves Went with something quick and simple for the Wolves, roughly based on their original road jerseys, but updated with a more modern wordmark (slightly simpler version compared to the one they currently use on their jerseys). Kept the colours to blue, green and white (never liked when they stripped the green out of the jerseys a handful of years ago).
  15. Day seventeen Milwaukee Bucks A reasonably simple alternate for the Bucks making use of the diagonal wordmark from one of their secondary logos. Also repeated the striping from the jersey on the shorts.