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  1. griff7774

    MLB 2028

    Western Conference NorthWest Division: San Francisco, Oakland, Portland, Seattle North Division: Minnesota, Milwaukee, Chicago Cubs, St. Louis SouthWest Division: LA, Anaheim, San Diego, Arizona South Division: Texas, Houston, Denver,Kansas City Fixed dont seperate the cubs/ cards rivalry
  2. person1: Who is Jose Calderon? When did Toronto get a NBA franchise? Where's my Buick? person2: Things Tiger Woods would say. DING!
  3. looks like they will have an old school facemask to match
  4. Wade Phillips said the the same thing after the lost. As as fan of football you hade to love this game. Yes some of us would love to have seen pefection achieved and the Pats had there chance. It didn't happen. Let's face it we wil probally never see a team get this close or achieve perfection in our lifetime. What the Giants did was historic in not only in victory in SB XLII but the basiclly shut down the league top 3 Offenses in reverse order (Cowboys,Packers,Patriots) In the the end the Pats we retool, The Giants will probally improve, and rest of the league (including my cowboys) will need to catch up PS. Blame the Pats loss on the release of the parade plans al la the Dallas Mavericks
  5. Come on now.... you know everyone loves to hate the Cowboys regardless of era
  6. Just the way it should be. the winged ribbon and ram representing the product brands and the penstar as the corprate logo. Reminds me of an other automoble company. (GM)
  7. Everyone is television market share for the confernce but no one has said anything about the school and recruiting. Mizzou and ISU leaving the Big XII may lose out on recruiting in the one state with the deepest football talent. Texas (no slight to Florida or California wich is just as deep)
  8. Have any one seen colorado state's court.
  9. It's not A&M making the money but this guy and his shop. Let's be clear that this is not Texas vs. Texas A&M but Texas vs. Aggieland Outfiters and it's owner. I see at least one person is inform
  10. I don't think this was a T.O. win I wonder whom is on the Cowboys list.
  11. as darth vader would say..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  12. Yeah, putting "The Valley" on the backside could lend itself to a few cracks.